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Moonstone, Rainbow Tumbled Stone

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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone. White material with some small blue flashes, and black Tourmaline inclusions as well as some minor pale blue Aquamarine inclusions in some pieces. From India. Good to A Grade. Choose your size below.

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Full Description:


Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone.

White material with some small blue flashes, and black Tourmaline inclusions as well as some minor pale blue Aquamarine inclusions in some pieces. From India. Good to A Grade. 

Note that not all pieces will display flash as is the nature of tumbled stones. But all the stones are from the same Rainbow Moonstone rough material. 



Rainbow Moonstone is actually a white to translucent Labradorite and not a true ‘Moonstone’, despite both being Feldspars. The Feldspars are divided into 2 broad categories: Plagioclase, which contains calcium and sodium; and Orthoclase, which contains potassium.

Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone are Plagioclases, while true Moonstone is an Orthoclase. The beautiful ‘flashes’ that you can find on some stones is a phenomenon called ‘labradorescence’. Different twinning surfaces within the stone reflect different colours of light. In white Labradorite, it is mostly blue.


Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Muscular Skeletal System, Arthritis,
  • Reproductive System, Birth, Breasts, Fertility, Menstruation, PMS, Pregnancy;
  • Circulatory System;
  • Nervous System, Brain, Headache & Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Endocrine System, Menopause, Pituitary Gland, Pancreas, Insomnia;
  • Immune System, General Healing, Insect Bites;
  • Digestive System, Stomach;
  • Lymphatic System, Edema


Metaphysical Keywords:

Anger Release, Emotional Balance, Emotional Healing, Fear of Dark, Happiness, Harmony, Hope, Nurture, Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom, Aura Balancing, Awareness, Higher Realms, Divine Will, Energy Work, Dream Work, Intuition, Serving Humanity, Spiritual Protection, Vision Quest


Rainbow Moonstone:

Provides psychic protection and aids in lucid dreaming. It diffuses negative energy and brings you closer to nature. Rainbow Moonstone is a stone for “lovers” and can bring couples back together who have departed in anger. Excellent stone for supporting women with menstruation, PMS, pregnancy and menopause. Mystical and magickal stone filled with Goddess energy.

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Crown Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Colour Group

White & Clear Crystals

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62 reviews for Moonstone, Rainbow Tumbled Stone

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  23. George Nel

    The small size was slightly unexpected.

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  27. Christa Giles

    Excellent quality, made up in a beautiful parcel.

  28. Anonymous

  29. Omeshni

  30. Aphelele Du Pisani

    A gem for intuition, balance, and wishes, Moonstone helps channel one’s feminine side. … Linked with the crown, third eye, and heart chakras, Moonstone calms and relieves stress while releasing love of all kinds.

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    love these, they enhance your intuition soo well

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    Good quality crystal, yet to work with this one.

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    This crystal was just AMAZING!!!

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  48. Karusha H.

    View this stone under bright lighting to see the iridescence.

  49. Kayla Crafford

  50. Koketso Shai

  51. Francois Engelbrecht

  52. Caitlyn G.

    Didn’t expect the moonstone to have black splotches

  53. Happiness Mthwalo

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    Beautiful. Perfect

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Moonstone, Rainbow Tumbled Stone

(62 customer reviews)




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