Hypersthene Tumbled Stone

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Hypersthene Tumbled Stone (RARE). Beautiful velvety black with characteristic schiller banding and chatoyancy, earning its trade name “Velvet Labradorite”. Very Good to AA (Export) Grade. Choose your size below.


Hypersthene Tumbled Stone (RARE).

Most of these tumbled stones have beautiful characteristic schiller banding and chatoyancy. Hypersthene is sometimes incorrectly labelled Ferrosilite or Spectrolite, and sometimes goes by the trade name ‘Velvet Labradorite’.

Please note: The smaller sizes are very flat and thin. From sizes medium upwards we have gotten in some incredible quality, reserved for export – they are truly stunning. These are shaped more like rounded gallets.

Very Good to AA Export Grade. Choose your size.



Hypersthene is an inosilicate mineral and a ‘mid-way member’ of the minerals Enstatite and Ferrosilite. While pure Enstatite contains no Iron, and pure Ferrosillite contains no Magnesium, Hypersthene is the name given to a mineral when both of these elements are present.

Hypersthene got its name from the Greek words “hyper”, meaning above, and “stonos”, which means ‘over strong’. It was in reference to the stone being harder than Hornblende (which it is often confused with).

It’s pearlescent luster is reminiscent of Labradorite, and was found to occur with Labradorite in Labrador (where Labradorite was found), so understandably it was initially believed to be a dark Labradorite.



Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Endocrine System, Insomnia, Pituitary Gland;
  • Digestive System, Stomach;
  • Muscular System, Tension, Spasms;
  • Immune System, Fever


Metaphysical Keywords:

Inner strength, Positivity, Self-Confidence, Success, Self-Awareness, Self-Healing, Intuition, Psychic Vision, Visualisations, Protective, Grounding, Shamanic Work, Transformation



Hypersthene is an excellent meditation aid and can assist in going deeper into oneself to do inner work, self discovery and self healing. It is a gentle, yet protective stone. It is said to be a potent activator of the third eye chakra and psychic abilities.

Hypersthene is the perfect stone to work with for those who are stuck, unsure of the way forward or needing guidance.

Connecting all chakras and vibrating within one’s whole aura, Hypersthene becomes a tool to find answers and solutions to the trickiest problems. Hypersthene can assist those who are stressed and tired by bringing peace of mind and gently energetic support.

Additional information


Libra, Sagittarius


All, Crown Chakra, Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Colour Group

Black, Silver & Grey Colours

Crystal System


Other Names

Enstatite, Eulite, Ferrosilite, Orthopyroxene, Spectrolite, Velvet Labradorite



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