Amethyst Tumbled Stone

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Pretty Amethyst Tumbled Stone with gorgeous rich colour intensity. Lovely high quality material with good translucency and colour saturation. From Brazil. Good to A Grade. Choose your size below.


Amethyst Tumbled Stone.

Gorgeous rich colour intensity. Lovely high quality material with good translucency and colour saturation. From Brazil. Good to A Grade. Choose your size.



Amethyst is the name for purple to violet Quartz crystal. Its name is derived from the Greek ‘amethystos’, loosely translating to ‘not drunk’. The name relates to the ancient belief that this stone could protect its wearer from intoxication.

Amethyst owes its colour to the inclusion of trace amounts of iron in the Quartz crystal lattice – and radiation! Deep inside the earth are natural radioactive minerals, which release gamma radiation into their surroundings when they decay. When Quartz with iron is exposed to the radiation, the iron atoms are transformed and change the colour of the Quartz from clear to purple.



Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Digestive System, Metabolism;
  • Circulatory System, Blood;
  • Nervous System, Brain, Headaches & Migraines, Hearing, Thalamus, Insomnia, Nightmares, Addiction;
  • Endocrine System;
  • Immune System, Post Surgery Healing, Infections, Pain, Cancer;
  • Respiratory System;
  • Skin


Metaphysical Keywords:

Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Protection, Third Eye Chakra, Psychic Attack, Depression, Overindulgences, Addiction, Nightmares, Balance



Extremely powerful & protective stone. Guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Natural tranquilizer, blocks negative environmental energy. Strong healing & cleansing powers. Enhances spiritual awareness. Overcomes addictions & over-indulgences.

Calms or stimulates the mind as appropriate. Helps you feel less scattered, more focused & in control. Helps insomnia. Setting realistic goals. Balances highs & lows.

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Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo


Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Crystal System




82 reviews for Amethyst Tumbled Stone

  1. Juanita D.

  2. Sarah Mabelebele

    This stones are really good and working for me.

  3. Juanita D.

  4. Juanita

  5. Rolando

    Excellent thanks

  6. Anonymous

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  9. Liezl

  10. Pauli

  11. Liezl Corredeira

  12. Yvonne

  13. Natalie D.

  14. Day

  15. Siphokazi M.

  16. Marie-Louise

    Beautiful colour and quality.

  17. Marie-Louise


  18. Cam Henning

  19. jenni Zwiegelaar

  20. Sue Muller

  21. Resegofaditswe

  22. Natalie

  23. Kayleigh

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  25. Kayleigh

  26. Marco Malherbe

  27. Jessey

  28. Nafeesah

  29. Kayleigh

  30. Lerato Lemao

  31. Kayleigh

  32. Cayla Snyman

  33. Esther Setshedi

  34. Lisa Jansen van Vuuren

    Very happy with product

  35. Linda Barakat Ekundayo-Koleade

  36. Lisa Jansen van Vuuren

    Good product, I’m very happy

  37. Vida O.

  38. Christa Giles

  39. Yvette Carter

  40. Abigail

    Beautiful crystal

  41. Anonymous

  42. Bontle DUMA

    It also had a Crack

  43. Omeshni

  44. Deniz

    Love my Amethysts!

  45. Sithembile Ndlovu

  46. Anonymous

  47. Nomsa Teera

    I love this stone, soon as I got it it was the first one I bonded with. It’s great quality too.

  48. Mable

  49. Francis

  50. Thea

  51. Madiketso Motaung

  52. Brumilda Mcleod

    My daughter is very happy with the product.

  53. Tyra

  54. Isabella Shrosbree

    Seriously well priced considering its amethyst. absolutely gorgeous. definitely will buy again.

  55. Kelly

  56. Anonymous

    Your Products are for ever satisfying, I’m always happy with your Products.

  57. Tiego Malibe

  58. Karusha H.

    The larger size is more of a deep purple than a dark violet shade.

  59. sean

  60. Fortune Mathye

  61. Patrícia De Souza

  62. Kareshnee Pillay

  63. Karusha H.

  64. Lizette Du Preez

  65. Samantha Van Niekerk

    I absolutely love the personal touch on your packaging, it’s super nice to receive n package that is so beautifully packed. Great over all experience. Thank you so much, already looking to my next purchase.

  66. Chantelle Weldon

  67. Sue Ann

  68. Anonymous

  69. Mawunyo Honu

  70. Francois Engelbrecht

  71. Anonymous

    Beautiful amethyst tumble stones with a rich purple colour.

  72. Tracyleen

    They really do take away the negative energy

  73. Wendy Tintelo

  74. Ella M.

  75. Karusha H.

    Beautiful stones with depth of colour. Well sized and well priced.

  76. Kimberley

  77. Karien van Wyk

  78. Carissa

  79. Karien

  80. Lee

  81. Desire Blignaut

  82. asusp8h77m


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