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Moonstone, Garnierite Polished Gallet M-L

Garnierite Moonstone Polished Gallet. AKA: Green Moonstone, Noumeite. Individually selected and hand polished. Moonstone matrix with Chrome / Nickel inclusions creating gorgeous green to turquoise complex patterns. From Madagascar. Very Good to A Grade. Size medium-large. First, choose your weight. Then choose your gallet.

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Garnierite Moonstone Polished Gallet Medium-Large

AKA: Green Moonstone, Noumeite


Truly special and beautiful! Individually selected and hand-polished. Not at all commonly available. This Moonstone Plagioclase-like matrix occurs with Chrome / Nickel, causing gorgeous green to turquoise complex vein-like or lightning-like patterns through the material.

Very beautiful and sublime energy! From Madagascar. Very Good to A Grade. Size medium-large. First, choose your weight. Then choose your gallet.



Also called Hecatolite, Moonstone is an Orthoclase member of the Feldspar group. It is named for its lunar glow, often exhibiting a soft and watery opalescence that seems to float just under the surface of the stone. The sheen that led ancient Romans to believe the moon’s beams had been frozen in the stone is caused by light diffraction within the microstructure of Feldspar layers.

Garnierite is a general name for a green nickel ore which is found in pockets and veins within weathered and serpentinized ultramafic rocks.



Physical Healing Keywords

  • Immune System, Arthritis, Insect Bites, Enhances Recuperation, Physical Regeneration;
  • Reproductive System, Childbirth, Fertility, Pregnancy, Menstruation, Cramps;
  • Circulatory System;
  • Muscular/Skeletal System, Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Endocrine & Lymphatic Systems, Edima, Pancreas, Pituitary Gland, Menopause, PMS;
  • Digestion, Stomach;
  • Nervous System, Insomnia, Brain, Headaches & Migraines


Metaphysical Keywords

Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Abundance, Energetic Healing, Universal Love, Manifestation, Moon Magick, Heart Chakra, Resilience, Imagination, Serendipity


Garnierite / Green Moonstone

A stone of the Earth and heavens, Garnierite strikes a unique balance of grounding properties from ancient Earth and the ethereal connection of the cosmos, reminding us of our inner Divinity, and as divine beings, our ability to create and manifest. It is grounding and sparks creativity and ingenuity.

Garnierite is known as the “Accumulation Stone”, attracting prosperity, abundance, luck, and assisting one to reach one’s goals. When we wish to manifest something material in life that’s for our highest good, then working with Garnierite can help us see what must be done to achieve it.

Considered a stone of serendipity, bringing positive change and growth. It offers a sense of safety and peace while igniting the creative mind and a sense of wonder. Garnierite is a great meditation aid when working on the heart chakra and issues of self-love. It helps us to find the divine within ourselves and to encompass a love for others, ourselves, our surroundings, and for the planet.

Garnierite works on the relationship between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, encouraging us to find the courage to pursue our hearts’ true desires. It can help us speak up for ourselves and even remove our own mental blocks that restrict our growth.

Additional information


Leo, Virgo


Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour Group

Green-Blue & Turquoise Crystals

Crystal System


Other Names

Green Moonstone, Noumeite, Stone of Accumulation


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A, B, C, D, E


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Moonstone, Garnierite Polished Gallet M-L