Quartz, Golden Healer Crystal Cluster 8cm


Golden Healer Limonite Quartz Crystal Cluster 8cm. Beautiful cluster with long, thin, optic to near optic crystals in complex arrangements. From Mpika, Zambia. Very Good to A Grade. Size approx 8cm. Weight approx 211g.

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Golden Healer Limonite Quartz Crystal Cluster 8cm

This batch of clusters is highly selected for quality and Limonite tangerine hues. This beautiful cluster has one main long optic crystal in a bed of smaller points. A stunning complex arrangement. From Mpika, Zambia. Very Good to A Grade. Size approx 8cm. Weight approx 211g.



Quartz is a hexagonal crystalline mineral composed of Silica. It’s one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Quartz vibrates at a very specific frequency. Also, it has high hardness and durability, heat resistance and electrical properties. Thus Quartz is one of the most useful crystals in the modern world.

For example, optical-grade quartz crystals are used in glass, lasers, microscopes and other scientific instruments. While oscillators harness the power of Quartz to create a wide range of advanced electronic equipment.


Limonite is a field term when a chemical analysis is not possible or suitable. It describes otherwise-unidentifiable massive hydroxides and oxides of iron, with no visible crystals, and a yellow-brown streak. It’s most commonly the mineral species Goethite. Named in 1813 by Johann Friedrich Ludwig Hausmann from the greek λειμωυ for meadow alluding to its common occurrences in bogs.


Golden Healer Quartz refers to Quartz that is naturally coated in an oxide mineral with yellow, gold or orange hues. It often displays a metallic sheen on the surface. Less commonly the mineral occurs as an inclusion in the Quartz. Also known as Limonite Quartz, Tangerine Quartz (orange to caramel hued) or Lemonite Quartz (bright yellow).



Physical Healing Keywords:

  • Master Healer, All Purpose


Metaphysical Keywords:

Amplifying, Raising Vibrations, Spirit Communication, Spiritual Awareness, Calming, Joy, Peace



Most powerful healing & energy amplifier in the world. Absorbs, stores, releases, regulates & unblocks energy. Used on acupuncture needles, increasing effectiveness by 10%. Doubles your biomagnetic field.

Takes energy to the most perfect state possible, returning it to before the dis-ease set in. Works on all levels of being. Aids concentration & unlocks memory. Great energy saver. Master Healer & can be used for any condition.


In addition to the properties of Quartz:

Golden Healer Quartz 

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz: Facilitates spiritual communication. Empowers healing on all levels. Golden Healer crystals help in identifying the methods and techniques that will best aid recovery from the disorder. Thus a truly excellent stone for healing on all levels and in all situations.

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All, Crown Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour Group

Yellow, Cream & Gold Crystals

Crystal System

Hexagonal – Trigonal

Other Names

Golden Healer Crystal, Limonite Quartz, Tangerine Quartz


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