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The Healer’s Crystal Kit

The essential collection of crystals for the Healer. These healing crystals can be used actively during healing practice by laying on or near the patient, asking the patient to hold a selected stone, or by the Healer holding a selected stone. They can be used to create a healing sanctuary by being placed around the space where the healing activity happens. They can also be used by the Healer before, during or after healing practices to assist in protection, guidance, energy flow, divining the root cause of dis-ease, and realignment. Crystals work beautifully in alignment with all energetic healing practices. The Healer’s Crystal Kit includes 10 crystals (see full description below).


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Known as the Master Healer, Quartz Crystal is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier in the world. It can absorb, store, release, regulate and block energy. Quartz is capable of doubling your biomagnetic field. It takes energy to the most perfect state possible, going back to before the dis-ease set in, and can remind the body of its natural state of perfect health. Quartz works on all levels of being. It aids concentration and unlocks your memory.

Double Terminated

A double termination radiates and absorbs energy at both ends at the same time. This is a stone of balance, integrating spirit and matter and creating a bridge between two energy points. These Crystals are great at absorbing negative energy and breaking old patterns like overcoming addictions. Placed on the third eye chakra they help activate our natural telepathy.


Selenite is an ancient stone while also being one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth. Selenite accesses angelic consciousness and higher guidance. It is excellent for meditation or spiritual work, enhancing your innate psychic albility. Selenite is a supreme gridding stone and can be used to create a protective space filled with peaceful energy that repels outside energies. It is a powerful stabilizer of erratic emotions, and assists in bringing about conscious understanding of what has been happening at the subconscious level. In Wand form it can be used to work on the auric and energetic field.


When holding a wand, the energy tends to surround the body, providing for a protective barrier. The energy of the wand crystal is extremely well focused through the small termination (point) and is wonderful for concentrating a tight beam of energy on a small area or to stimulate an area hidden within the body such as a gland. It can be used to clear an area of negativity, to create protective barriers, and to beam healing energy to the self or another.


Prehnite is known as the stone that Heals the Healer. It enhances visualization, recognition and inner knowing, while showing you the way forward for your spiritual growth. It enables you to be prepared for anything, no matter what. Prehnite seals the aura in a protective sheath of divine energy. It calms the environment, bringing peace and protection, making your space a healing sanctuary.

Black Kyanite

Kyanite is excellent for meditation and has a tranquilizing effect. It is a useful stone for sacred ceremony. It is one of a few crystals that never needs cleansing as it doesn’t store negative energy, so it works supremely well if programmed to cleanse your other crystals. Kyanite encourages you to speak your truth, opening the throat chakra and cutting through fear and blockages. It also cuts through ignorance and confusion, dispelling illusion, anger, frustration and stress. Kyanite can help you connect to and communicate with your spirit guides. Black Kyanite is a powerful grounding stone for the body.


Tourmaline is possibly the most well known stone for protection and grounding, and for good reason. Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations. It clears the aura, removes blockages, disperses negative energy and forms a protective shield around the body. Tourmaline can point to solutions for a specific problem. It takes you deep within yourself, strengthening self confidence and banishing fear, while aiding in reaching deeper understanding both the self and others. It is a powerful mental healer and releases tension. Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic smog, psychic attacks and all negative energies.


Amazonite is a powerful filter, blocking geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog. It also filters information and combines it with your intuition. It is an extremely soothing stone that assists in balancing masculine and feminine energy in the personality. It can help you see both sides to problems and different points of view. Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, releases worries and fears, and dispels negative energy and aggression. It assists in manifesting universal love and enhances loving communication.


Bloodstone, as its name suggests, is an excellent blood cleanser and powerful healer. An excellent grounding and protecting stone, it can keep out undesirable influences while giving you courage and teaching how to avoid dangerous situations. Bloodstone stimulates dreaming, heightens your intuition and increases your creativity. It calms the mind while reducing irritability, aggressiveness and impatience.


Celestite is the teacher for the new age, a teacher of trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine. Imbued with divine energies, Celestite assists with contacting the angelic realm. It embodies gentle strength with enormous inner peace, assisting in conflict resolution and improving relationships. Celestite heals the aura and reveals the truth of things, bringing balance and enlightenment. It is useful for stimulating clairvoyance and dream recall.

Tiger Iron (Mugglestone)

Tiger Iron is known as the Healer’s Grounding Stone. A combination of Gold Tiger’s Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper, it contains the energetic properties of each of its components as well as its own unique abilities that this combination has enabled. Tiger Iron is extremely helpful for people who are deeply exhausted at any level, especially those suffering from emotional or mental burnout. It promotes change by opening space to contemplate what is needed, and providing the energy to take action. Tiger Iron points to places of refuge when danger threatens, boosts vitality and helps you in passing through change.


Unakite is known as the Stone of Vision. It balances emotions and spirituality. Unakite brings a calm, gentle energy and can negate the effects of electromagnetic smog. It facilitates rebirth, bringing to light and integrating insights from the past about the cause of blockages, while gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Unakite reaches the root cause of dis-ease in any level and brings to the surface so that it can be transformed. It is a powerful stone to aid in the recovery from major illnesses.

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The Healer’s Crystal Kit