Moon Cycle Support Crystal Kit

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MOON CYCLE SUPPORT CRYSTAL KIT. Each crystal in this kit provides deep nurturing and support, easing symptoms of PMS, pain, fatigue and emotional turbulence during your menstrual cycle.

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MOON CYCLE SUPPORT CRYSTAL KIT. Each crystal in this kit provides deep nurturing and support, easing symptoms of PMS, pain, fatigue and emotional turbulence during your menstrual cycle.

PLEASE NOTE:Ā The product photos are provided to give you an idea of the crystal kit contents and quality. The crystals can differ slightly in size, colour and finish, but will always be of the sameĀ qualityĀ andĀ value.



Place the crystals next to you, or over your womb space while you lie down. You can also carry them on you, in a pocket or bag. Explore meditating with each stone to feel the different effects and properties they bring to you.


  • Moonstone
  • Chrysocolla
  • Girasol
  • Jade
  • Yellow Fire Opal



This kit is designed to help ease symptoms of PMS and can also assist in easing the symptoms of menopause. It is a supportive kit for anyone battling with emotional or physical discomfort during menstruation.




Moonstone is connected to the moon and intuition, and has a gentle, receptive feminine energy. It reminds us that, like the moon, everything is part of a cycle of change. Moonstone is powerful at calming the emotions, helping curb overreactions to situations and emotional triggers. It alleviates menstrual tension and PMS.



A tranquil and sustaining stone, drawing off negative energies of all kinds within the home. It helps you to accept constantly changing situations with serenity, invoking great inner strength. It calms, cleanses and re-energizes the chakras. Chrysocolla draws out negative emotions like guilt and reverses destructive emotionalĀ programming.

It encourages self-awareness and enhances your personal power.Ā Can help relationships going through a rocky patch, and is an excellent heartache remedy. Physically, Chrysocolla excels at healing gynaecological and female hormone problems



Girasol is a stone of gentle but powerful energy. It connects to your energy, cleansing and recirculating it so that self-healing becomes possible. This stone can help you feel calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic. Girasol can also amplify your ability to be creative, thoughtful and focused in your life.

Girasol brings a sense of balance to the emotions that can increase control over impulsive behaviour. This ability to be in control of your feelings empowers you to clearly think things through and just say no to hasty choices we sometimes regret later.



Jade releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It aids in emotional release, especially irritability. Jade stabilizes the personality, integrating mind and body. It stimulates ideas, making tasks seem less complex and aids in taking immediate action so that you donā€™t feel stuck or overwhelmed.

It increases love and nurturing, bringing harmony and a sense of self-sufficiency. Physically, Jade boosts the immune system, reduces fluid retention and aids digestion.


Yellow Fire Opal

Opal helps you express your true self and enhances your self-worth. It brings lightness and spontaneity. Opal teaches you to take responsibility for how you feel. It is re-energizing and warming.

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Self worth, soothe, emotional release, irritability, self-healing, cleansing, calm, relax, creative, thoughtful, emotional balance, focus, control, curbing impulsive behaviour, overreacting, emotional triggers, healing gynaecological and female hormone problems,
anemia, menstrual cramps, skin irritations, stomach problems and easing all PMS symptoms

12 reviews for Moon Cycle Support Crystal Kit

  1. Denise Suttie

    Hard for novices to know which crystal is which.

  2. Fre-Nay Brown

  3. Tiego Malibe

  4. Debbie L.

    love the pouch it came in! new stones for my collection

  5. Kareshnee Pillay

  6. Lucia S.

  7. Mawunyo Honu

  8. Happiness Mthwalo

  9. Zura

    This is such a nice collection, really like the bag it comes with as well.

  10. Kimberley

  11. Lee

  12. Shireen L.

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Moon Cycle Support Crystal Kit

(12 customer reviews)


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