Walking an Ancient Path (Used)

Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth. Award-winning novel by Karen Tate. The Sacred Feminine, whether viewed as an archetype, ideology or heavenly deity, has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia.

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Walking An Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth.


The Sacred Feminine, whether you view it as an archetype, ideology or heavenly deity. Goddess has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia. But we are starting to remember its roots and origins. She is the missing piece of the spiritual, cultural and political puzzle… That can address the human conditions of suffering that plagues the planet.

It is divided into sections:  Air, Fire, Water, Spirit and Earth. Find the mysteries within each element.


Who is Walking An Ancient Path for?
  • A seeker, for someone interested in uncovering the truths of the past that were buried so as not to upset the status quo.
  • Someone who loves visiting sacred sites, doing ritual and delving into the Sacred Feminine.
  • It is for women and men.
  • Solitaries who want to embrace the Sacred Feminine into their own life or into their communities.


From the Author:

“A closing thought toward raising awareness of the Feminine Divine;¬† whether she is an archetype or a deity residing in the heavens. Let us rebirth her within ourselves and our communities. Borrowing not just from ancient texts and contemporary wisdom, but utilizingthe spark of our intuition and the inner guidance within our hearts. Let us rebirth her from a place of love forourselves, our neighbors, our planet, and our future.”



Winner: The National Best Books 2008 Awards

“Karen Tate’s book takes us on a journey of a thousand goddess stories¬† as they weave through our modern mind,¬† enriching our lives immeasurably and guide us towards a better world.” – Joan Norton, author¬†The Mary Magdalene Within

“Walking An Ancient Path not only invites us into sanctuaries of the Divine Creatrix across the continents. She recreates rituals and encounters with the deity that broaden our connection with the inner life.” – Rosemary Clark, author

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Walking an Ancient Path (Used)


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