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Black Goddess And the Sixth Sense

Black Goddess And the Sixth Sense

In the Black Goddess And the Sixth Sense, the author shows how we are surrounded by invisible forces, which animals know – but humans have come to ignore, or only participate in unconsciously. These forces include electricity, magnetism and the deeper reaches of touch, smell, taste and sound.

Peter Redgrove presents evidence to suggest that not only individuals, but the world as a whole, stand to benefit from simple awareness.

Presiding over this transition from unconscious to conscious experience is the symbolic presence of the Black Goddess, who may be traced in many guises from ancient to modern times – from tantric oracles and gnostic cults to Coleridge’s poetry and Surrealist painting.

The book blends the poetry of “The White Goddess” with the wide-ranging applications of “Supernature” to express this general need for more awareness.

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Black Goddess And the Sixth Sense