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Meditation Week By Week (Used)

Meditation Week by Week: 52 Meditations to Help You Grow in Peace and Awareness

Learning to meditate is a personal  journey, which everyone must undertake at his or her own pace. Best-selling meditation master David Fontana helps us stay committed, inspired, and on track during this inner voyage. Some of the exercises he lays out may take a week to accomplish, while others may require a day, month, year, or even a lifetime. Newcomers and more experienced meditators will both gain fresh insights from these 52 stages.

  • Part One covers beginning meditation and tuning in to self-awareness.
  • The second section focuses on developing concentration and mindfulness.
  • Part Three lays out the path to tranquility, and
  • The fourth and final stage—the most advanced—shows how to develop deep insight into ourselves and the nature of existence.

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Meditation Week By Week (Used)