Essential Energy Balancing (Used)


Essential Energy Balancing: An Ascension Process

Let Diane Stein and ESSENTIAL ENERGY BALANCING show you how to be all that you can be.

Essential Energy BalancingĀ® is an ascension [enlightenment] processā€”one of total healing. The karmic suffering weā€™re born with, for the most part, is implacable. Now it can be changed, lovingly, with a simple formula and the blessings of the Lords of Karmaā€”the keepers of our soulsā€™ evolution.

Part 1 of Essential Energy BalancingĀ® teaches the easy self-healing methods that change suffering into wellness and inner peace.

Part II is a series of ten energy reprogramming meditations that lead to ascension and bring out your Goddess-Within.

Part III is a discussion of energy anatomy and of who we really areā€”a highly complex system.

DIANE STEIN is a popular and acclaimed healer and the best-selling author of Essential Reiki and 25 other books in the fields of metaphysical healing, women’s spirituality, and alternative health.

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