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Discover Your Master Chakra

Discover Your Master Chakra

“In just a few moments I had gleaned from this book deeper insight and analysis of my core psycho-spiritual framework than I have ever previously been party to — and this is my fourth decade in spiritual work! Very impressive!”- Peter Morris, Spirituality Today

You were born on a ray of light, born into a life purpose that lets you manage one chakra more than the rest, to create a dominant vibration within and without yourself. That is your master chakra, and it defines who you are and how you interact with others. Discover Your Master Chakra guides you in using your main chakra to achieve greater love, harmony with self and others, and fulfillment in life.

Designed for beginners and beyond, this insightful book helps you:
– Find out what your master chakra is through a simple quiz
– Learn about the seven soul-ray colors and which one corresponds to your master chakra
– Explore your spiritual gifts, and those of your family and friends, through a workbook on each color
– Use your newfound knowledge to change your reality and improve your relationships with all beings

Providing detailed information on each of the chakras and related spiritual gifts, Discover Your Master Chakra shows you how to best use your areas of giftedness and life’s work to increase your master chakra’s power and influence.

“Anyone wanting to understand themselves better will find that Larsen’s work offers a clear-cut, alternate point of view.”―Library Journal


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Discover Your Master Chakra