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Yoga by the Stars

Yoga by the Stars: Practices and Meditations Inspired by the Zodiac

A Month-by-Month Guide to Using Celestial Wisdom in Your Yoga Practice

Featuring poses, meditations, visualizations, and breathing exercises, Yoga by the Stars invites you to journey through the wheel of the zodiac and discover how its symbolism inspires new and exciting yoga sequences.

This hands-on book presents an extraordinary approach that connects the astrological signs to a yearlong cycle of yoga practice. Each month’s zodiac sign helps you improve your wellness and gain insights into your life, regardless of your personal sign. Aries empowers your inner warrior in the spring. Libra helps you create balance in the fall. Capricorn gives you the strength to transcend your limitations in the winter.

Jilly Shipway, author of Yoga Through the Year, shows you how to make your practice shine through specially chosen affirmations, asanas, correspondences, and more. This book is a vital resource for expanding your awareness and enjoying the gifts of the zodiac.

“Jilly has created an essential and transformative toolkit for teachers and practitioners of yoga alike… She skillfully weaves yogic philosophy and practices together with thought-provoking visualizations and meditation questions to explore the turn of the zodiac wheel within oneself.” – Jill Amison, senior yoga teacher and empowerment leader

“This book offers up to the yoga community various ways to weave astrological elements into our variety of yoga practices… Jilly embodies wonderfully the phrase, ‘Earth below, sky above and peace within.'” – Lindsey Porter, yoga tutor and author of Whirlpools Yoga and the Balance of Life

“Jilly Shipway invites us to deepen our personal journeys with zodiac-inspired yoga practices. Yoga by the Stars is a unique approach to deepen self-awareness and support transformation. This book is rich in knowledge about astrology and offers a variety of yoga movement and meditation practices as well as affirmations to lead you to your inner starlight.” – Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD, C-IAYT, founder of Yoga for Eating Disorders and author of Body Mindful Yoga

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Yoga by the Stars