Numbers and Colours Correspondances

Numbers and Colours Correspondances

Numbers and colours correspondances – their magickal properties! Numbers and colours have energetic frequencies or strong associations with different properties. We call these “correspondances”. Learn what the properties are for numbers and colours for crafting your own energy workings & spells!

Why learn the properties, or correspondances, of numbers and colours?

They can assist you in adding extra “oomph” to your energy workings / spells!

How to use numbers & colours correspondances in spell work?

  1. When designing your energy work, you can reference this list.
  2. Look which number and which colour best match what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Then incorporate them into your working.

It’s as simple as that!


Use this handy number correspondances reference list when designing your spell to match your intent!

1 – Self reliance, personal ability
2 – Partnership, assistance, peace
3 – Growth, expansion, fertility, creativity, good luck
4 – Practicality, stability, life lessons, working things through
5 – Communications, speed, movement
6 – Home, love, pleasure
7 – Spirituality, psychism, spiritual aid or guidance
8 – Intensity, extremity, great success or failure
9 – Compassion, helping others, group projects
10 – Completion, unity

Ideas: How To Use Numbers in Magick

You can incorporate your number into your energy working in various ways, for example:

  • Writing the number on your mojo bag / medicine bag
  • Carving it into your candle
  • Repeating your intention/incantation that many times
  • Tying the matching number of knots into a string (you can use a colour string matching the colour you choose for your spell as well)
  • Having that number of items involved in your working (i.e. if your number is 4, then having 4 crystals, 4 cords tied into 4 knots etc.)

“By the power of Three by Three”

Have you come across or even used the incantation “by the power of three by three” in spell work or energy workings? Have you ever wondered what it means? The phrase usually goes:

“By the power of three by three,
As I will it
So mote it be!”

The number 3 has been seen as a powerful number far back into humanity’s past. In Latin, a common phrase used was “omne trium perfectum”. It means everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete.

In numerology, 3 is the number for magic and art of creation. Three by three (3×3) is nine. In numerology 9 represents creation unfolding into infinity. So this gives your incantation or intention a super charge!


Quick Colour Correspondances Reference List:

Black – Protection, safety, grounding, wisdom, learning, guidance
Red – Strength, vitality, passion, add energy
Pink – Love, compassion, nurturing, romance
Orange – Creativity, self expression
Yellow – Pleasure, success, happiness
Green – Healing, growth, abundance, money, fertility
Blue – Communication, focus, willpower
Indigo – Psychic ability, spiritual guidance
Violet – Spirituality, psychism
White – Purity, unity, all purpose

Ideas: How To Use Colours in Magick

You can incorporate your colour into your spell work or energy working in various ways, for example:

  • Candle
  • Tablecloth
  • Mojo / medicine bag
  • Cord or string
  • Paper
  • Items e.g. crystals

Detailed Colour Correspondances Chart:

Here is a more detailed chart with 12 colours and their properties in various categories:

Colour correspondances chart

Crystals in Numbers and Colours

You can use crystals to help bring in the numbers and colours correspondances. Choose a crystal that matches the colour you want to work with. Use the number of crystals in your working.

We also have more information about learning to work with crystals by their colours. Have a read HERE!

Colours In The Shop

We have a handy filter for you to help you shop for crystals by their colour. Go to the Crystals section of the shop HERE and check out the filters on the left. Scroll down to “Filter by Colour” and select the colour group you want to work with.


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