If you’re new to meditating, or would like to have deeper, more vivid meditations, it’s a good idea to build a meditation preparation ritual whereby you repeat the same steps each and every time you meditate. This serves to build a habit both within the physical body and the mind. You will find that the more often you do this, the quicker and easier it will become to sink into a deep meditative state.


Begin by creating a supportive environment in a place that you won’t be disturbed. You may want to put on some relaxing music, light some candles and incense, bring out your favourite crystals, or otherwise enhance the energy of your space. Have a pen and paper with you to record any thoughts, feelings or experiences you have during this process.


Sit comfortably and take a few deep, slow breaths, concentrating fully on the experience and feeling of the cool air entering your nostrils and expanding your chest. Hold the breath for a short pause before gently exhaling, again being fully aware of the feeling of the warm breath leaving your mouth or nose as your chest and diaphragm deflate back to neutral position. If at any point during your meditation you find your mind has wandered, return to the awareness of your breath in this way to re-centre yourself.

Full Body Scan

Be aware of each part of your body in turn, starting with your toes and working all the way up to the head, concentrating on that part of your body, consciously relaxing it, feeling the tension drain away as you move onto the next part. Relax your face, your jaw, feel your mind reaching a calm and quiet state as you relax your brain.

Set An Intention

Sit in this quiet, peaceful state for a few moments. You may wish to ask your spirit guides or angels or higher self to assist you with your intention, and to guide and protect you during this quest. State your intention to yourself, whether it be simply to have a restorative meditative session, or whether it be for a specific purpose such as healing or communing with guides.


Build a picture in your mind of a stairwell of your own design, adding more and more detail each time you return.

Now picture in your mind’s eye that you are in a dark room at the top of a short flight of ten stairs, a closed door at your back. Slowly take each step down, counting backwards from ten, feeling as you do your whole being sinking deeper and deeper with each step into a deep, meditate step.

Choose a door that you feel suits your personality and taste. Remember to visualise details and keep embellishing them with each visit.


At the bottom of the stairs, you are standing in a small hallway / room with a heavy wooden door in front of you. Head towards the door and push it open. As you step through the doorway, you enter your deepest meditative state.


At the end of every meditation, repeat the process in reverse. You go back through the doorway, closing it behind you. You are now in the small hallway / room with the flight of ten stone stairs ahead of you.

Walk up the stairs to the door, feeling yourself become more aware of your physical body and feeling more awake with each step.

Step through the door and back into the awareness of where you physically are. When you are ready, open your eyes and thank your guides for their protection and assistance on your quest.


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