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Exciting News! Crystal Shop Launch!


The backstory of Earth DNA, and the launch of The Mystic Cat online crystals shop!

If you’ve read our ABOUT page or know us personally, you’ll know that I (Shaz) had a crystals & esoteric shop for many years. The shop was called Earth DNA. For those that don’t, the backstory follows.

The Beginning

I first started Earth DNA in KwaZulu Natal as an online crystals & esoteric shop over a decade ago. At the time, it was the first crystals & esoteric online shop in South Africa. It was a bit of a struggle to get people to buy crystals online back then, when online shopping was still a fairly new thing! I ended up doing most of my sales at markets and fairs.

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The First Physical Crystal Shop

It was around 2011 when I decided to open a physical crystals and esoteric shop in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills in Botha’s Hill, KZN.

I then moved to Cape Town and opened Earth DNA in Main Rd, Plumstead in 2014.

I also relaunched the online shop – by this time, online shopping was far more common. Earth DNA had a wonderful customer base and many special memories were made. I remember with joy some of the extra special crystals who passed through our shop to their new homes, the excitement of customers finding just the right one, and hours of mind bending conversations where I always learned something new.

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A Life Chapter Ends

Sadly, in 2017 I had to close down. I’d lost both my parents very abruptly and traumatically the previous year, and I took a very hard emotional hit that I struggled to bounce back from.

I think that most people who are called to work in service to others on an energetic level would agree with me saying we often experience the very worst in life in order to break us open, to give us ever deepening empathy and compassion.

Walking the path of a healer means being wounded and learning to heal ourselves first. And what a path it has been so far.

A New Direction, A New Journey Begins

I’ve made a lot of changes – in the past year especially – and continue to grow, learn and heal every day.

Making the decision to start the Mystic Cat Farmstead, moving out of the city and diving into our off the grid journey to self sustainability, has allowed me to remember who I am, what I value, what I truly want out of life and what living my own truth looks like.

My passion for working with crystals has returned with irresistible full force, with a sense of rediscovery and excitement I hadn’t experienced in years. I am loving it!

Our Crystal Shop Launch!

And I am so, so excited to share with you our news – Earth DNA is being reborn once again under The Mystic Cat banner! Over the next few weeks we will be uploading our GORGEOUS range of crystals, minerals and gemstones available to buy online through our online shop here at The Mystic Cat. I can’t wait to show you the special beauties coming in. Here’s a sneak peek!

This time round, we will be focussing on providing a wide range of polished, tumbled and raw natural crystals and minerals specifically for use in gridding (crystal grids for your home, office, for energetic work and manifestation etc) and healing work. We will aim to stock a wide variety of crystals, gemstones and minerals in similar sizes and of similar quality grades to make selecting stones for healing, gridding and energy work much easier.

We’ll also be introducing our own line of crystal chakra and space cleansing products, along with an eco home range (but more on that later). Right now we are in the testing and development phase with this. SQUEE! Sooooo excited!!

The Mystic Cat website will be home to the online shop as well as the info hub to learning all about crystals, how they work and more. We’ll also still be updating the blog regularly with our off the grid journey. Thank you for joining us on it! Xxx