Introducing Crystal Grids

NEW! Crystal Grids Now Available at our Online Shop!

We are so excited to share with you our new Crystal Grids section at our online shop on New to crystal grids? We’ve also added a new section to our ever-growing Info Hub, that will walk you through everything you need to know to get you started on working with this powerful, natural tool for energy work!


An all-new section in the Info Hub, covering the following topics:

1. Sacred Geometry

A quick introduction to Sacred Geometry, the foundation of crystal grid work.

2. What Is A Crystal Grid

What is a crystal grid, and how it harnesses the power of sacred geometry.

3. Elements Of A Crystal Grid

The elements or different aspects that make up a crystal grid, including setting your intention, tips on how to select crystals for your own grids, different key stone shapes and more.

4. Setting Up A Crystal Grid

The process of setting up a crystal grid, from cleansing & activating / programming your crystals to laying out your stones on the grid pattern to using your activator wand.

4. Maintaining & Closing A Crystal Grid

What to do once your grid is set up – including how to cleanse it and daily practice, and the right way to finish off and pack up your grid.


We’ve designed the new Crystal Grids shop section to be super customisable so that you have lots of creative freedom to design your own grids. Each section allows you to choose different elements. Whether you just need a grid mat, or would like a crystal kit to put on your grid mat for a specific purpose, want to browse different centre stones (called Key Stones), choose a new activator wand, or get a full kit choosing from the different options available, we have you covered! 


We have launched now in December with just one grid mat available – the ever popular and powerful Flower of Life. Whether you are interested in learning how to work with crystal grids or already do, this is definitely a grid you want in your collection! It can be used for so many different types of grids or intentions. The grid mat is made locally in South Africa and is printed on eco-friendly material, making it a great lightweight, portable and minimalistic mat that looks stunning as a base for your crystal arrangements. 

Early next year we’ll be expanding our grid mat selection to include a variety of sacred geometry patterns, printed on material as well as some other options we’re in the process of prototyping.

Head on over to the Sacred Geometry section in our Info Hub to learn more about what sacred geometry is and the power of working with these ancient natural patterns.


In this section, you can choose crystal kits pre-designed to go on different sacred geometry patterns for specific purposes. Need an energy boost? Want to manifest more success and abundance into your life? Simply browse the kits section to find the perfect collection for your purpose. We have started off with 4 different kits that work beautifully with the Flower of Life grid mat currently available, this will continue to expand next year so keep an eye out! 

Of course you can choose to build your own custom grid, simply by browsing the crystal shop and selecting tumbled stones or rough natural stones as you need. We have specifically built our stock range to have lots of options for crystals sized for grids. We give a brief rundown of good practices for choosing crystals for your layout in the Info Hub section Elements of a Crystal Grid.


In the shop, you’ll see Crystal Kits and Crystal Kits for Grids. What’s the difference? 

A crystal kit is a selection of crystals that can be placed in an environment or carried in a small bag around with you. A crystal kit harnesses the power of certain crystals that all work together to achieve a specific goal. They don’t need to be arranged in a pattern and generally include a variety of different types of crystals, one of each. A crystal kit for grids is a selection of crystals chosen to be laid out along a specific sacred geometry pattern. Since it’s best to limit the number of different types of crystals in a grid, a kit for grids will typically only have 3-4 different types of crystals, several of each type, all roughly the same size, to be set up along the different sections of the geometric pattern it’s designed for.
Energy Creativity Crystal Grid Kit for Flower of Life Grid


Rather than including a key stone (grid centre crystal) with every crystal grid kit, we’ve separated them so that if you already have a key stone you don’t have to buy another just to get a new kit. You might also want to choose a different key stone to tailor your grid to your intention more closely. In this section you can have a look at all the crystals we have in stock that work well as centre stones.

If you’re just starting out, choosing a Clear Quartz crystal standing point or sphere gives you a versatile and powerful key stone you can use in any grid, while if you’re looking to get more specific and want to super-charge certain intentions or energy work you can grow your key stone collection to include other options. You can pop on over to the Info Hub section Elements of a Crystal Grid to learn about how different crystal shapes work with energy in a crystal grid.


Here we have selected crystals available in the shop that are perfect for using as your activator wand to activate your crystal grid. Once again, pop on over to the Info Hub section Elements of a Crystal Grid to learn about what an activator wand is. Also check out Setting Up A Crystal Grid to see how to use your activator wand.


As always, we would LOVE to hear your feedback, questions or suggestions! Let us know what you think about our new crystal grids section, ask if anything is unclear, or tell us if there’s something you’d like to see done differently. We want The Mystic Cat to offer you the best customer experience for buying crystals online & providing a platform for spiritual and energetic tools.


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