Crystal shapes affect how a crystal transmits energy. Thus each crystal shape has a set of distinct energetic properties. Find out what they are here!


A crystal’s shape affects how it takes in and puts out energy. While each crystal has a unique set of energetic properties, there is also a set of energetic properties for different shapes. Shapes can amplify the effect of a crystal, or it can subtly shift how the crystal works for a specific task.

For example, Rose Quartz is a beautiful heart chakra stone and associated with the energetic properties of universal love, self love, nurturing and support. When cut and polished into a heart shape, these properties are greatly amplified.

Black Tourmaline’s energetic properties include grounding, protection and clearing away negative energy. You can combine these properties with the properties of a heart shaped crystal. For example clearing away negative energy generated from a painful breakup. Of course you can use natural rough black Tourmaline to do this. The shape just makes it easier and faster for the energy to flow and manifest the intention required.


Crystal shapes made by polishing natural crystal material involve a skilled artisan and specialized tools.


Skilled artisans hand craft geometric crystal shapes. It’s quite a time consuming process, requiring (real) diamond coated tools in most cases. Let’s look at the process of making a crystal sphere, a classic crystal shape:

They begin by cutting the crystal material into a cube shape. Then slowly they cut down into a roughly spherical geodesic-like shape. Next another tool grinds down the edges, getting it closer to a round shape. Then a tool called a cup grinder helps create a perfectly round shape. At this stage the crystal has a matt, or frosted surface so you can’t see into it. Finally, hand polishing using ever finer grades of grit. In woodworking, they work with 100 to 400 grit, whereas with crystals it goes down to 20,000-40,000! Very fine indeed. Typically, the size of the crystal ball you end up with is only 10% of the size of the starting material. 

Now you can really appreciate the cost of a big crystal sphere, when taking the cost of the material, tools and labour into consideration!

An artisan follows a similar process (excluding the cup grinder step) to make all other geometric shapes.


The same process is how they make freeforms (including gallets and palm stones). However, instead of making a strictly geometric shape like a sphere, pyramid, tower or cube, the artisan carves and polishes a more organic shape. Freeforms allow for more artistic freedom in the shaping and polishing process, particularly in the big pieces. They individually select each piece from A grade raw material. You can find animal shapes, skulls, flames, organic freeform shapes and more in this category.


A special machine called a rock tumbler makes tumbled stones in bulk batches. They break crystal material down into small chips or chunks and place it into the rock tumbler barrel. In addition, they add water and loose coarse grit. As the tumbler barrel turns, the crystals knock and rub against each other and the grit, slowly losing their sharp edges. The material’s hardness helps determine the size of the grit. They start with a very coarse grit. Then go to a medium grit, a fine grit and finally a polishing agent. The industrial sized tumblers complete this process within a few days, while small home / hobbyist tumblers can take months to complete. This abrasion polishing process mimics what happens in nature to create smoothed river pebbles, for example.


Let’s look at the most commonly found crystal shapes and their assigned energetic properties. We’ll be covering the following shapes:



A cluster is a group of crystals that are physically attached to each other either on a matrix (i.e. sharing a common base) or floating free. Clusters form naturally. There are two types of clusters:

  1. Crystal clusters have distinct crystal terminations (points). A crystal plate is a cluster on a flat matrix. A drusy is a cluster with lots of very small crystal terminations of equal height across the surface of a matrix.
  2. Then there are clusters that consist of two or more different minerals/crystals occurring together, on top of or intersecting each other, or sharing a common matrix.


  • Clusters generate a lot of energy, and send a lot of energy outwards from every termination.
  • Crystal clusters are seen as crystals living in an evolved community of peace and harmony. They can bring this “group” energy into their surroundings, enhancing harmony and peace in all groups. For example in the family, social or business environments, meditation or energy work groups, studios and classes.
  • They are great for working on the energy of a whole room, or group of people / items.
  • A cluster works well for tackling really complex issues that need a multipronged approach.
  • They are great generators and distributors of energy. The auric light that surrounds a cluster is very bright and strong, and will bathe an entire area or room in radiance.
  • Great for group cleansing. For example, they can be used to cleanse and charge all other minerals nearby, enhancing and increasing their energy.
  • Placed in areas, clusters can be set to purify the environment of negative energies and feelings, and/or be programmed to protect the space.



A geode is a cluster formation that is surrounded by rock, forming a hollow in the middle. The hollow can form in gas bubbles in magmatic rock, or spaces where organic material erodes away in sedimentary material. These nodules are lined with crystals. Cracking a nodule open reveals the interior crystal cave.

Sometimes geodes are polished along the face / seam of the crack creating a smooth, flat edge to the interior cave. Other times, they’re polished all around the exterior of the nodule to remove the majority of the non-crystalline material surrounding the crystal cave.


  • This crystal shape can hold and amplify energy within itself, before diffusing the energy outwards like sound travelling in an amphitheater. 
  • Geodes are believed to be excellent for protection, in the sense of sheltering in a cave.
  • They can greatly assist spiritual growth, for example amplifying a person’s connection to Higher Self and Divine Source, guides and guardians.
  • Geodes may be useful in the breaking of addictions or bad habits and stemming overindulgent personalities. The energy, Divine wisdom and compassion of breaking open, being held in womb space, and providing protective shelter. 



Crystals in their natural state that are not cut or polished in any way. Natural crystals are either massive or crystalline. 

Massive or conglomerated masses are sold as rough pieces or rough chunks. This is when a mineral has no distinct crystal habit or form visible. The mass is broken down into smaller pieces (which can happen naturally, or be done mechanically) and sold ‘as is’. This material may be used to make polished products, if the quality is high enough.

Crystalline minerals are sold as specimens. Specimens grow in an uninterrupted perfect environment. Their internal lattice structure repeats outwards until a visible shape forms. You can read lesson 2 HOW DO CRYSTALS WORK in our free CRYSTAL BASICS course to understand this better.


  • Natural rough pieces of crystals radiate energy from each edge or facet of its shape. 
  • They are great for grid work and placing around spaces to form boundary lines.
  • Natural pieces are excellent for earth healing work and natural therapies.
  • They are strongly connected to Mama Gaia and can offer gentle grounding and stability.



Polished point shapes include towers (having a cut base to stand) and obelisks (similar to a tower, but has a square or rectangle base i.e. 4 sides).

A polished or natural crystal point may have one point (a single termination), a point at either end (a double termination) or several points on one end (a multi termination). They may taper towards one end (a wand), be very thin (a lazer) or be quite flat and tablet shaped (a tabby). 

In fact, they come in many, many different arrangements and variations, each with additional energetic properties.

For the purpose of this article, however, we will focus on a single point and a double termination (a point on each end).


  • A crystal point focuses energy through its tip in a tightly concentrated beam like a laser. Pointed towards a body, object or space it can channel energy into it. 
  • It can be used like a laser for cutting etheric cords, creating boundary lines, psychic surgery and so on.
  • Aiming the point away from a body, object or space draws off negative energy and can also assist in clearing blockages. 
  • Another use is to funnel away excess or unwanted energy, bringing balance back to a system.
  • A double termination can radiate and/or absorb energy at both ends at the same time. 
  • This is a stone of balance, integrating spirit and matter. 
  • It can create a bridge between two energy points, excellent for gridding, boundary work, multidimensional work and so on.
  • These crystals are great at absorbing negative energy and breaking old patterns. Placed on the third eye chakra they are said to help activate our natural telepathy.



Pyramid shaped crystals occur naturally and can also be found in polished form. Apophyllite is an example of a naturally occurring pyramid form. Polished pyramids are growing somewhat more rare from certain regions due to the skill and time resources necessary to produce them. 


  • Pyramids enhance and focus the inherent properties of the original crystal used. 
  • They amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex, and are able to assist greatly in manifesting.
  • In addition, they can draw off negative energy and blockages from the chakra and replenish it with vibrant energy. 



Galena and Iron Pyrite both occur naturally in this crystal shape. Polished cubes are not as widely available or popular.


  • This crystal consolidates energy within itself.
  • It’s a great crystal to anchor intentions and for grounding.
  • They can also draw off negative energy and transform it into positive energy. 



(Naturally occurring perfectly round rocks can occur in the form of concretions and spherulites but these are outside the scope of our topic)

A crystal sphere is also called a crystal ball, and is one of the most recognizable polished crystal shapes around.


  • Every fortune teller in every Hollywood movie has one, right? There’s always some truth to all stereotypes, and in this case, crystal spheres are in fact excellent for scrying! Scrying is a term used for gazing into an object (a crystal ball, a bowl of water, a mirror) to see glimpses of the future.
  • Their rounded shape allows energy to radiate in all directions perfectly equally. This makes them great for placing in a room, or to use as a KEYSTONE in a CRYSTAL GRID.
  • It is said that crystal spheres are capable of moving energy through time, and open a window into the past and future. They are excellent for multi-dimensional work, shamanic journeying, ancestral healing and past life healing.
  • In this same way, crystal spheres are powerful manifesters – moving the energy you desire into being in current reality.



Just as it sounds, an egg is a crystal that has been shaped and polished into a classic egg shape, following a similar production as the sphere.


  • Egg-shaped crystals confine and shape energy and can be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body.
  • The more pointed end is also great as a massage, reflexology or acupuncture tool.
  • They are great “hand comforters” during stressful times.



Hearts are crystal shapes that, like gallets, have been carefully selected, polished and shaped by hand. 


  • A crystal polished and shaped into a heart has properties related to love, our heart and connection to our heart Chakra. Crystal hearts can be placed over the heart chakra during healing work.
  • Heart shaped crystals can help you attract love and are wonderful for new relationships. 
  • This crystal shape bring loving energy and balance into existing relationships.
  • They heal emotional wounds and heartache.
  • Hearts can be carried with you, or placed around the home or used in crystal grids.



A freeform is cut and polished into a ‘free’ shape, rather than a geometric shape.

A gallet (pronounced gal-AY or gal-EH) is a freeform where the artisan aims for a flattish oval to round shape. 

A palm stone is a gallet size that fits perfectly in the palm of a hand.


  • This crystal shape’s properties include offering support during times of major change. They can assist in breaking down old, limiting belief systems. 
  • Excellent for aiding the ending of difficult or abusive relationships. 
  • Strengthening one’s will and sense of freedom, freedom of expression and true authentic self. 
  • Provides comfort and nurturing, helpful in dealing with stress, grief and anxiety.
  • Helpful in releasing the concept of who you “think” you should be, and facilitating the stepping into one’s power to become who you are.



Tumbled stones are small, smooth and highly polished crystals.


  • This shape is all-purpose and like gallets, radiates energy gently in all directions.
  • You can place them directly on the body for healing and are very useful for grids.
  • Working with this crystal shape and it’s properties is easy, because they are easy to carry with you. In this form, they tend to be less fragile than their natural state.


Crystals occur naturally in a wide variety of shapes, while some crystal shapes are handmade. Each shape can amplify or subtly affect how a crystal works with energy. Because of this, crystal shapes have distinct energetic properties.

Working with specific crystal shapes can be beneficial by using their properties to hone in on a special purpose.