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Crystal Healing Properties


Identify your crystals' properties and crystal meanings using our Crystal Shapes, Crystal Colours and Crystal Formations references.

The information we provide below is the work and experience of many years, and general consensus amongst most crystal healers and authors. References are available at the bottom of this page. 

While these treasure troves of information can serve as both reference and guide to you on your crystal journey, remember that your personal experience is what matters most. We firmly believe that the very BEST way to work with crystals is, above all else, to use your intuition! Trust your own instincts and allow yourself to have a personal interaction and understanding with the stones that call to you. 

Based on the work of Judy Hall, author of many well known crystal books (my favourite being The Crystal Bible), crystals can be classed into 10 separate colour groups. These colour groups can also be linked the the body’s main chakra centers.

By learning the healing properties of these 10 groups, you will be able to tell what general properties any of the hundreds of different crystal has! It is an excellent way to start familiarizing yourself with which crystals can help with what.

In Crystal Shapes, we’ll take a look at the basic set of shapes you can find crystals in, both naturally (e.g. a cluster, point or cube) and polished (e.g. a sphere, pyramid or heart). These shapes influence the way in which energy flows through the crystal, making different shapes better for certain tasks than others. The crystal healing properties of these shapes are explained.

Crystal Healing Properties


If you’ve completed our free introduction to crystals course, and familiarized yourself with the crystal colour groups and basic shapes above, you’re ready to take your crystal education into the Advanced Crystal Studies.

In Crystal Formations, we look at naturally forming crystal shapes, mostly within the Quartz family. We’ve listed 150 different formations you can find, and what each one’s specific healing properties are.

Minerals are classified according to their chemical composition into families or classes. This system is called the Dana System, created by Professor James Dana of Yale University  in 1848. The Dana system divides the over 3000 minerals found on earth into eight basic classes: silicates, oxides, sulfates, sulfides, carbonates, halides, native elements, phosphates and mineraloids. In The Crystal Tree, you can look through all the known crystals and minerals in their families as per the Dana system.


The world knowledge base of crystals is constantly evolving and growing. We encourage you to supplement the information we provide with your own research to see what you find. Also have a look at our bookshop to see what new BOOKS ON CRYSTALS we have available!

Our references provided include the work of the following outstanding authors:

Heal Yourself with Crystals – Hazel Raven
Love Is In The Earth – Melody
Stones of the New Consciousness – R Simmons
The Book of Stones – R Simmons & N Ahsian
The Crystal Bible 1 & 2 – Judy Hall
The Encyclopedia of Crystals – Judy Hall
The New Crystal Bible – Cassandra Eason


Please note that we are presenting the combined works of many different crystal authors. We provide this information to assist you in being able to access references easily. We do not under ANY circumstances suggest that crystals can or should replace the important role of accredited care givers such as doctors and psychologists. Crystals can SUPPORT, ASSIST and HELP people with many different conditions but we do not purport that crystals are a cure on their own. Please use common sense and always get professional opinions about serious health matters.