What Is A Crystal Grid

What Is A Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a tool for manifestation and healing work which combines special geometric patterns with energised crystals charged with intention, to achieve a particular goal or outcome. In a crystal grid, the crystals are arranged on a sacred geometric pattern.

A crystal grid combines the elements of sacred geometry, crystals and our focused intention to create a powerful ally for mind and energy work. 

FOL_Abundance with healing


As we have now learned, Sacred Geometry is found in nature all around us as the building blocks to life, and even found in ancient spiritual sites permeating through much of our human history. But how does this relate to crystals?

Crystals have long been used for healing and spiritual / energy work. This is because special properties have been identified in crystals. It’s also important to note that crystals themselves embody sacred geometry in their internal lattice structures. You can learn more about this in our Crystals Basics section. 

metatrons cube

When working with crystal grids, the language of sacred geometry is being used in conjunction with the energy of crystals. We add to this our focused intention in order to communicate with the universe or creator energy.

It’s useful to think about it like tuning in to a particular radio frequency, or dialling a sequence of numbers into your cellphone to call someone. We are always in communication with life, especially through our thoughts – our cells react to our thoughts through our emotions.

Crystal grids harness and boost that energy to align us with our highest goals and desires. One can say that crystal grids open a type of pathway for clear communication with the universe with the added help of crystal allies of course!


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