Setting Up A Crystal Grid

1. Cleanse & Activate Your Crystals

The crystals should be cleansed and attuned before use in the grid or for other energy work. 

There are many different techniques for cleansing your crystals, for example setting them out in a full moon, using a smudge stick or the smoke from any incense, or laying them next to or on a crystal specifically programmed to cleanse the stones around it. 

You can learn more about how to cleanse your crystals in the Crystals Basics section. 


Once the stones have been selected and cleansed, it’s time to activate them to work with your intention for the grid. To do this, hold the crystals in your palm and ask that their power be activated to work with your intention and anything else that is in alignment with the highest good. Your wording can be personal here. It’s good to state your intention out aloud and clearly. Imagine that the stones are energised by the power of your mind and the intention you have for the grid. You might like to close your eyes and picture the crystals surrounded by pure white light, surrounding them with the energy and power needed to accomplish your desires and goals.

You can learn more about how to programme your crystals in the Crystals Basics section.

2. Lay Out Your Grid

Begin by placing the key stone in the centre of the grid, in this case in the centre of the original flower. 

Take your written intention and incorporate it into the grid. One option is to fold the piece of paper with your intention written on it and place it beneath the key stone, or under the grid mat where the key stone will stand. Keeping the piece of paper beside the grid is fine too. 

Now place the surrounding stones on the first outer ring or section from the key stone. As you place them, keep your intention for the grid at the forefront of your mind. Continue in this way, moving outward from the centre of the grid.

3. Activate Your Grid

Take your activator wand, repeat your intention and then point it at the key stone. Imagine energy from the wand flowing out of the point to reach the key stone. Then draw an imaginary line from the keystone to the stones closest to it, one by one, connecting them to the key stone like a web of white light. Continue back and forth from key stone to crystal until you have connected all of the crystals with the key stone. Then move onto the next set of stones moving outward from the centre. 

One you have connected all of the surrounding stones with the key stone, repeat your intention and take the wand away from the grid. The Crystal grid will now be activated and strongly attuned to your intention. Visualise your grid glowing with beautiful, pure white light. Feel in your heart the crystal grid working towards manifesting your goal as energy powerfully flows through the combination of the sacred geometric pattern and your charged crystals, beaming out your energy sequence to the Universe. Now that the grid is activated, it will continue to operate until disassembled. 

Labradorite_Wand_45g 13


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