Maintaining & Closing A Crystal Grid



There may be times when the grid requires cleansing to maintain optimal energy flow. Let your intuition guide you as to when you feel the grid would benefit from an energy cleanse and recharge.

Use a crystal cleansing method that will not disturb the layout. A cleansing spray, smudge stick or singing bowl are all good options. Learn more about different methods for cleansing your crystals in the Crystals Basics section, How To Cleanse Your Crystals.


Affirmations are positive statements that help focus one’s mind on particular goals and desires. Using affirmations with a crystal grid can be a truly powerful combination. 

To do this, write a few affirmations down that work with the intention for the grid. For example, if the intention is:

To move into alignment with my higher self and to increase my capacity for peace and joy”

then affirmations for this intention could include

“I am in alignment with my higher self”
“I am peaceful”
“I am joyful”. 

Aim to spend some time in meditation with the grid each day, if only for a few minutes, and state the chosen affirmations either aloud or in your mind. 


When you are ready to take the grid down, it is helpful to do this mindfully and with care. Some people like to thank the crystals and the grid for the work it has performed or otherwise acknowledge and give gratitude to self, and / or the Universe for the energy work done. 

Starting at the outermost edge, remove each crystal as you work back towards the keystone, reversing the pattern you used to first lay out the grid, finally ending with the key stone. Place all the crystals in your palm, or in front of you, and state that the intention is now manifest and their power is now closed.

You may like to finish off by cleansing the crystals, the grid mat and the space you utilised.


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