Elements of a Crystal Grid

1. Setting An Intention

Start by identifying your needs and goals for using a crystal grid, we call this your intention for the grid.

What do you aim to manifest or bring about? Perhaps a particular job, relationship or other positive outcome? Perhaps you want to invite healing for yourself or another person, or increase your capacity for calm and focus.

Be clear as possible about your motivation. Keep your intention and motivations pure with the highest good in mind. Now write down your intention on a piece of paper and focus on it for some time. Relax your mind and connect to your breath. Your intention could be something like this:
“My intention is to move into alignment with my higher self and to increase my capacity for peace and joy”


Now that you have set your intention and you are clear about why you want to work with a crystal grid, it’s time to select a sacred geometric grid pattern. Choose one that resonates with you and suits your intention. 

For example, the Flower of Life is excellent for manifestation and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. A Spiral is effective for drawing in abundance or removing blockages, while the Pentagram is a powerful grid for protection and connecting to creative energy.

For this example we’ll use the Flower of Life layout.

3. Selecting Crystals

How many crystals you use on your grid will generally be determined by the grid pattern itself – you want to place the crystals in a way that follows, accents or defines the geometric shape of the grid. 

The specific crystals you choose will be determined largely by your intention for the grid as well as your energetic needs. Find out which crystals hold power in alignment with your goals – for example Fluorite is a wonderful study aid, while Tourmaline is a powerful protector and grounding stone. 

Select up to 3 different types of crystals to make up the numbers you’ll need to make this pattern. You can choose more than 3, however it is recommended that you keep your grid simple for the best clarity and focus. Aim to place the same type of crystal on each ring or section of the grid – for example, a ring of Fluorite followed by a ring of Carnelian. You can also use crystal points as in between points or connectors to amplify the energy flow of the grid. Clear Quartz Crystal is an excellent choice for this.

Allow your intuition and creativity to lead you! 

4. Choosing A KEY STONE

FOL Key Stone Sphere Large v2

A key stone is also known as a central, centre, or focus stone. It is the crystal placed in the middle of your crystal grid. A key stone is the central power hub of your grid, focusing your intention and connecting the surrounding crystals.

Just as you selected the crystals for your grid based on their energetic properties to best align with your intention, do the same for which type of crystal you use for your key stone. If you’re unsure, Clear Quartz Crystal is an excellent all-rounder that will work powerfully in any situation.

The shape of a crystal also affects how it works with energy, so which shape you select for your key stone can have significance too. Here are some of the most common shapes used for key stones and how their shapes affect their energy input or output as part of your grid. Again, if you’re unsure, a standing point is an excellent go-to.

Different KEY STONE shapes

Standing Point

Points focus energy in a straight line, rapidly transmitting energy. It acts as a broadcast tower for the purpose of your grid.


Spheres emit energy perfectly equally in all directions. They are also capable of moving energy through time, and can access what is to come or what has been, making them excellent for past healing or manifesting a future intent.


Heart shaped crystals represent love, our heart and connection to our heart chakra. They can attract love; bring loving energy & balance into relationships; assist in developing self love & strengthening the heart chakra; and heal emotional wounds.


Squares consolidate energy within their forms, anchoring intention and grounding. They can also draw off negative energy, transforming it into positive.


Clusters radiate energy outwards. Clusters with points work similarly to a single standing point, with every point termination capable of receiving, amplifying and transmitting energy, making them very effective superchargers in a grid layout.


Pyramids hold manifestation programmes, their shape enhancing and focusing the inherent properties of the crystal. They can draw off negative energies and blockages, replenishing with vibrant energy.

5. Selecting An ACTIVATOR Wand

An Activator wand has a long pointed shape useful for connecting stones on the grid. Quartz makes for a powerful all-purpose wand, while different crystals will bring their own energy into the activation of the grid.

For example, Labradorite is protective and stimulates metaphysical gifts bringing an extra touch of magic to your energy work.

Labradorite_Wand_45g 13


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