What Is A Crystal / Gemstone?

“All crystalline structures are formed of mathematically precise and orderly three-dimensional arrangements of atoms. This is the crystal lattice, which confers a high level of stability. It also gives Crystals their unique colours, hardness and physical, geometrical and energetic properties. Gemstones and Crystals have an amazing capacity to absorb, reflect and radiate light in the form of intelligent fields of stable energy that increase the flow of vital life-force within the human physical and subtle anatomy. By applying this stable energy or Crystal resonance in a coherent, focused way to dysfunctional energy systems, they holistically restore stability and balance. This results in the releasing of dis-ease bringing about restructuring and alignment”

Hazel Raven - Heal Yourself With Crystals


Crystals are amazing. For thousands of years, through hundreds of civilizations, they have been used to protect, adorn, decorate and heal. But what exactly is a crystal / gemstone? How is it different to an ordinary rock?

Let’s start at the very beginning: Crystals formed millions and millions of years ago as the Earth went through dramatic and volatile changes – shifting tectonic plates, swirling gasses and volcanic explosions. And they continue to form today through the same processes.

How Crystals & Minerals Form. Image: Geologyin - Magmatic Processes
How crystals form. Image: Physical Geology – Crystallization of Magma

Crystals form in many different ways – intense pressure, intense heat, gasses bubbling up and getting trapped, or minerals slowly dripping – the process the crystal formed in is specific to the type of crystal, but it all involved a rich supply of minerals mixing together.

The way they are formed affects the way they look, how they are classified and how they function. By definition, a crystal is “a solid formed by a repeating, three-dimensional pattern of atoms, ions, or molecules and having fixed distances between the different parts.” It has a mathematically precise internal structure which is classified into one of only 6 different lattice structures found in all of earth’s crystals and minerals.

A rock, on the other hand, is a solid made up of mineral grains and usually contain fragments of crystals. A rock may have only one type of mineral, but usually it consists of several different minerals. Minerals and crystals are the building blocks of rocks.

This process of how crystals formed is why we say that crystals are mother earth’s DNA, because they contain the information of her development over thousands of millions of years – like a blueprint.


Image: Columbia – Metamorphic Rocks


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