How To Programme & Work With Your Crystals


No – you absolutely do not HAVE to programme a crystal. Crystals are already doing what they do without our help.

Lets first talk about what it means to programme your crystal, since this expression is a bit of a misnomer… 


Crystals are incredibly powerful conductors, receivers, amplifiers or generators of energy. They contain enormous healing potential for those who are called to work with them. Different crystals specialize in different wisdom and healing areas, depending on their mineral and structural make up (ie how each unique crystal works with energy).

Since crystals are already doing what they do by default, we don’t need to tell them! What we DO want to do is tune in to their energies and open ourselves to work with them. We want to set an intention with the crystal, to work on a specific task or issue, or towards a certain goal.

There are two ways to look at it, depending on your beliefs and how you view crystals. The first is for those who prefer a “less-woo-woo” approach. If you understand a crystal as a powerful natural computer capable of reshaping energy due to its mathematically precise crystalline structure, imagine it as opening and running one of the computer’s programmes that you want to work with. The second is for those who view crystals as energetic beings, or tools that connect to divine energy with consciousness. In this case, you want to ask for assistance with the intention you have. Both ways of looking at it get you to the same place.


Ok, so now that we’ve covered the whats and whys, let’s move on to the hows! Programming a crystal is extremely simple. All you need to do is find a quiet, peaceful space that you feel safe and relaxed in, and where you won’t be disturbed.

You might want to put on some relaxing music, light some incense or otherwise enhance the energy of the space. 


Creating Your Own Sacred Space

Before you begin, clarify in your mind (or even write it down on paper) exactly what your intention is. Its best to keep the intention simple and to use positive rather than negative language. For example, rather than saying “less anxious”, say “calm”. Here are a few ways you could start your intention:

  • “I dedicate this crystal to… (purpose / request)”
  • “I programme this crystal for… (purpose / request)”
  • “I charge this crystal with my intention to… (purpose / request)”
  • “Crystal, please assist me with (purpose / request)”
  • “I will work together with this crystal to achieve (purpose / request)”

Get comfortable in a sitting position. Feel yourself grounded and connected to the earth and the present moment. Take a few deep, slow breaths, focusing on the feeling of the air entering through your nostrils, filling up your lungs, gently expanding your chest. Focus on the feeling of the air leaving your lungs through your nose or mouth, as your chest slowly and gently deflates.

Take your cleansed crystal in your hands. Clear your mind of distracting thoughts and focus on the weight and feel of the crystal for a couple of minutes. Is it cold, heavy, light, smooth, rough? Focus just on the sensation of its weight and texture resting against your skin. Look at the crystal and take in its form. Notice veils, or inclusions or colours or shapes.

You might like to close your eyes at this point and hold the image in your mind as you continue to focus on the crystal, but if you prefer you can keep your gaze on the stone in your hand.

You might begin to become aware of the crystal’s energy. Maybe you feel a faint tingling sensation on your skin, or the crystal seeming to get very warm. You might begin to feel a bit lightheaded, or feel an energy flowing through you. You might feel a wave of calmness, peace or joy begin to wash over you as you connect to the crystal’s energy. This is the process of connecting to your crystal.

In this calm, connected state, you are ready to set your intention. Say your intention that you prepared earlier – you can say it out loud, or just in your mind. Repeat it a few times. Picture what the outcome looks and feels like – see the results already happened, feel the happiness and joy of experiencing that positive outcome.

Once you’ve felt the intention as though already achieved, close off with a thanks (to the crystal, yourself and/or higher power – whatever feels right to you). Done!


  • I dedicate this crystal to the highest good; to bringing love into my environment & into my heart.

  • I will work together with this crystal to achieve self-love & healthy confidence.

  • I programme this crystal to bring new financial opportunities into my life, along with the courage to follow these opportunities.

  • I will work with this crystal to stay motivated & remain focused on my goals.

  • May this crystal always bring positivity & light to me.

  • I intend for this crystal to be effective for healing. In light & love for the highest & greatest good of all.

  • Crystal, with your help, I freely release all that no longer serves my higher purpose.


So now that you’ve cleansed and programmed your crystal, what do you do next? Well, nothing really! Just keep the crystals around you in your space. Here are some examples:

Wear them or carry them on you. Keep your crystal close to you by wearing it as jewellery, keeping it in your pocket, or – a favourite for the ladies – in your bra! Some people like to use a little pouch to carry their favourite stones with them.

Put them in your space. Arrange your crystals in your home, your bedroom, your office or even your car to let them work their magic for you.

Meditation. You can hold your crystal in your hand, or place it on your body, or arrange your crystals near to you when you meditate. Crystals are fantastic meditation aids and you might find that you’re able to go deeper into your meditations with them around.

Laying them on your body. You can lay the stones on your body in areas that you’d like them to work. For example, placing a rose quartz on your heart chakra to boost your self-love, or sugelite and amethyst on your forehead if you have a headache. Simply place the stones against your skin and relax for a while for a self-administered crystal healing treatment.

Put them around your yoga mat. If you’re a yogi, you’ll likely love the energy that crystals can bring to your practice. You can even align specific practices with specific crystals.

Create a sacred space. A sacred space is a place where you can meditate, write in your journal and otherwise spend time re-centering yourself and reconnecting with your higher self. Crystals make the perfect addition to this space and can offer protection, grounding and spiritual guidance.

Make a crystal grid. We’ll go into more detail on crystal grids soon, but basically a crystal grid harnesses the incredible power of crystals and amplifies it with sacred geometry layouts.

Have a crystal bath. Similar to laying them on your body, non-water-sensitive crystals (ideally tumbled stones) can be added to your bathwater, along with a few drops of essential oil, to heal, restore and rejuvenate you.


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