How Do Crystals Work? Part 2



Now that we’ve covered what a crystal is and what makes it so special, we can move on to part two of understanding how crystals work – and that is to delve into energy.

Energy is life. It is in everything and it IS everything. Our cells are alive for as long as there is energy in them. A blade of grass, the air we breathe – it’s all made up of tiny atomic particles that oscillate (move/vibrate) – they have energy. Even the wood of a table still has oscillating particles (although of course it’s very, very minuscule movement). Energy moves constantly; it moves things, around things and through things.

“…mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing…”

Albert Einstein, Atomic Physics, 1948

Negative Energy In Our Environment & our Lives

On an environmental level, we are aware that we are living in demanding times. Waste and pollution are destroying our planet. Government leaders seem to become more insane and corrupt by the day. In our own lives, we juggle a million things every day running from one to the next, and we never seem to have enough time. Everything is electronic and designed to make our lives faster so the pace of life just seems to constantly increase. We are bombarded daily by non-stop stressors.

All electronics, from cellphones, cellphone towers, TVs, computers and laptops, microwaves to wifi, emit tiny bits of radiation called “electromagnetic smog”. It’s not enough to see burn marks on our skin or serious illness from a single exposure, so we ignore it.

But the fact is, these negative energy emissions are bouncing off us all the time and often being absorbed by us (remember that we are energy too). We’re surrounded by other people in the same boat – and their negative, “out of tune” energy affects us too.

As a result, we battle with feeling tired, run down and negative. It’s a constant battle to keep going, and this prolonged state of stress is where illness manifests.

The Aura & The Chakras

Our bodies have an aura around them – a subtle energetic field radiating outwards from our physical body.

The concept of an aura has been around for centuries in the Eastern philosophies and spirituality.

Some people are able to see the human aura, and it is considered a skill you can develop.

If you relax your eyes and stare just past a person’s head, you may be able to see the first layer of the aura. It usually appears as a milky-white or opaque silhouette around the physical form.

Based on Eastern philosophy, the aura is made up of 7 colours, which correspond with 7 points on our body, called chakras. Each chakra is a swirling portal where we take in and put out energy from our surrounding environment.

When our bodies are bombarded with electromagnetic smog, stress and the negativity, our aura can develop tears or leaks where our energy seeps out and negative energy can get in. Our chakras can become blocked or spin erratically. This can also be triggered by emotions or experiences that we haven’t been able to deal with. When energy, our life force, isn’t flowing through our bodies in a harmonious state, it manifests as illness or dis-ease in our physical body.


Due to a crystal’s perfect lattice structure, energy is able to move through it easily and quickly. As the energy moves through the mathematically precise crystalline structures, it is transformed / reshaped into a harmonious state.

Imagine a guitar out of tune: when you strum it, the sound it makes isn’t very pleasant. Imagine this is energy that is not in a harmonious state – like when you are feeling agitated or anxious. Tuning the guitar makes a big difference in the sound you get when you strum it – the sound it creates in tune is beautiful and harmonious. The crystal in effect is able to take energy that is “out of tune” and put it back out into the environment in its natural, “in tune” state – like tuning a guitar. 

Some crystals can absorb energy – like Tourmaline, it takes in negative energy and traps it, clearing the space that it is placed in. Others focus energy – like a Quartz point, it is able to focus positive energy through its point into the direction it is placed. Yet others are able to diffuse energy – like Rose Quartz, it constantly sends out loving, positive energy into its environment.

"Most crystals have a special crystalline structure which is believed to hold energies, thoughts and information. Interestingly these metaphysical concepts are similar to how silicon (which is what crystals like Quartz are made of) is used in computer chips."

Ethan Lazzerini – Crystal Healing

Crystals are millions and millions of years old. Energy has been passing through crystals all this time – energy which contains all there is to life. Crystals as a result contain all the knowledge and information there is to life, all that has been. A crystal is anything but just a pretty stone. Its perfect structure, its ability to absorb, transform, focus and diffuse energy, and its intrinsic knowledge of life, makes it an incredibly powerful tool that we can benefit from. We can use Crystals in our personal environments and on ourselves – to clear, heal, re-energise and learn from.


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