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How To See Auras


In this article you can learn what an aura is, what it’s function is, and how to start seeing auras easily and quickly!


Have you heard of the human aura, but never been able to see it? In this article I will teach you a super easy technique to begin to see auras. The concept of the aura has existed since ancient times, and recently science has been catching up and developing tools to measure and interpret the aura.

Human Aura

Science states that the base for all biological life forms is light and energy, which every life form also produces and emits. Current scientific research has found that these light and energy emissions, also known as the human aura or energy field, are reflections of an individual’s state of physical and psychological health. Researchers have found that mental and emotional activity experienced by an individual creates an immediate reaction in this field, which is then relayed to the brain. Through the use of advanced imaging devices scientists were able to view which areas of the body were affected by specific emotions. In images provided of individuals in a state of coherence, or happiness and love, the heart centre in the body is brightly aglow with a warm radiating golden light that spreads throughout the body. Study of the human energy field can provide information on the processes of human consciousness, which is described as the operation of interaction between an individual and a collective field.
Karen O’Dell, “Study of the Human Energy Field”


Everything has an energy field that surrounds it, past its physical form. 

Atoms make up all matter. An atom is actually mostly empty space (weird right?)It consists of a tiny nucleus surrounded by an electric field. When atoms are close together, they interact with each other’s fields. The fields can either bond or repel each other. 

So all matter is made up of atoms, and atoms are mostly empty space. With just these electric fields choosing to bond. These waves of electric and magnetic energy move and interact constantly, creating the world around us, and us in it. It’s why Einstein famously said “all matter is energy” (Theory of Relativity). Physics is cray cray, yo. 

An aura is what we call the energy field of a living thing that extends out past the physical form and surrounds it. In esoteric / occult realms, human auras are usually described as being egg shaped. The aura can extend up to a metre or more from the physical body.

“…the human aura may be described as a fine, ethereal radiation or emanation surrounding each and every living human being. It extends from two to three feet, in all directions, from the body. It assumes an oval shape–a great egg-shaped nebula surrounding the body on all sides for a distance of two or three feet. This aura is sometimes referred to, in ordinary terms, as the “psychic atmosphere” of a person, or as his ‘magnetic atmosphere.’”
– The Himalayan Academy, Saiva Siddhanta, Himalayan Academy Publications

Aura Egg Shaped


The aura is part of every being, it exists because the matter exists. Every person has an aura in the same way that every person has a heart. The aura’s function is linked to how we interact with the world around us. 

If our body becomes sick or diseased, the aura reflects this. If we are stressed or very happy, our aura reflects this. Medical science has been studying the human energy field since the 1950’s, and in recent years has been investigating the development of biometrics for medical diagnosis and treatment. In other words, scientists are learning how to read the human aura to help them see what is wrong with the body, and if particular treatments are working or not. There is also investigation into treating mental illness in much the same way. 

If this subject interests you from a scientific approach, there are lots of fascinating studies to read. I’ve included a few in the references section below.

Of course, shaman and medicine women have been doing this since the beginning of history. 

GDV image showing illness reflected in the aura
GDV image showing illness reflected in the aura


Some people are naturals at it, and have been seeing human auras without any kind of training, their whole life. Some people learn the knack of it very easily, while others have a harder time. It’s not a reflection of how ‘spiritual’ you are, you really shouldn’t feel bad if you struggle. 

Most people are able to see the first layer of the aura quite quickly. Going beyond that to start seeing colours generally takes a bit more practice. Now that you have a good understanding of what the aura is, let’s move on to the fun part! 


Our aura has several layers. We’ll start with the very first layer that surrounds the body, closest to the skin. Generally, this layer doesn’t have colour. You’ll see it as a film or a sort of line a few millimeters off the skin. You might perceive it as having subtle motion, almost like heat waves seen at a distance, or it might seem quite solid.

To see the human aura, you need to relax and unfocus your eyes. Did you ever stare at those 3D pictures? The ones where you have to stare at a point “behind” the image for a while with your eyes unfocused, and suddenly a 3D image would appear. If you remember those, you’ll be doing the same thing here. That’s it! That’s the whole trick of it. You might even want to go find a few of those old pics and use them to practice the unfocused technique.


Spread your hand out in front of you, ideally with a light background (e.g. a white wall). Relax your eyes and un-focus them as you let your gaze go past the tips of your fingers. You should start to see the outline of the first auric layer. Keep practicing until you get it!

How to see the aura exercise one


Another way to practice is with a friend. Get your partner to stand in front of a light coloured wall in a dimly lit room. Ask them to hold out a finger in front of their face, about 15cm from their chin. Bring your relaxed, unfocused gaze to rest on the finger, not their face. Now ask your friend to drop their finger, but keep your gaze there. 


Once you start seeing that film or line, practice moving your gaze along the body to see more of it. I usually find the layer around the head can be easy to spot, and is often several centimetres thick.

When I was in college, I used to see this around my lecturers when they were standing in front of the whiteboard. It always reminded me of religious pre-renaissance paintings of halos.

As you progress, you will be able to see more and more of the aura, and you may also begin to see colours in the aura. 

Halo or Aura in Early Art


The human aura is an energetic field that extends from and cocoons the physical body. Just as we interact with the world physically, we are also interacting with the world energetically, through our aura. Our aura is also a reflection of our inner selves – it can show our mental, emotional and physical state of balance or imbalance. Learning to see the aura involves practicing an unfocused gaze. Exercises can help you develop this skill.