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How To Make A Crystal Grid For Learning & Memory


Step by step guide to making a crystal grid for boosting your learning & memory power! 

You Will Need:

To make this crystal grid for learning and memory, you’ll need the following elements…

Grid PatternFlower of Life (download free printable)
KeystoneClear Quartz mini tower / standing point or sphere
Surrounding Stones6 x Aquamarine tumbled
6 x Gold Tiger’s Eye tumbled (ALT: Fluorite)
12 x Sodalite tumbled (ALT: 6 x Sodalite, 6 x Clear Quartz crystal)
Activation WandAny
Written Intention“I focus with ease and quickly remember everything I learn.”


This article will show you how to make a crystal grid for studying and boosting brain power. This crystal grid will provide support when you need to process, learn and remember new information. We recommend completing our free CRYSTAL GRIDS COURSE first, if you are new to crystal grids.


A crystal grid is a powerful tool for manifestation or healing purposes, using Sacred Geometry along with carefully selected crystals, charged with personal intention for a desired goal or outcome. Crystal grids are activated by your focused intention along with the energetically aligned crystals and the Sacred Geometric pattern being used. Affirmations are even more powerful when used in conjunction with the grid. Learn more in our free CRYSTAL GRIDS COURSE!


When you’re learning or developing a new skill, it’s helpful to have a calm, focused and enthusiastic approach. Meditating and concentrating on the grid can help you both relax and feel a sense of mental space. This cultivates the right conditions for absorbing information. Brain: Primed! 

Feel free to change or personalize any part of this grid plan. It is a template for you to mould to your needs.


For this grid, we’ll be using the Flower Of Life pattern. If you don’t have one, then you can print one from our free CRYSTAL GRID TEMPLATES. Let’s discuss why we’ll be using this particular sacred geometry pattern.

The FLOWER OF LIFE pattern is known to be excellent for manifestation and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It’s a great “all-rounder”. 

Keywords: Manifestation, chakra work, personal growth.

The Flower of Life is an important example of Sacred Geometry because of the wide array of sacred geometric patterns contained within it, including the Seed of Life, Fruit of Life, Vesica Piscis, the Fibonacci Sequence, the Platonic Solids (studied by Plato circa 450BC), the Star Tetrahedron and Metatron’s Cube among others. 

It is the vast amount of information contained within the Flower of Life that makes it a very versatile and powerful crystal grid template. 

The FOL has been found in drawings by famous artist and mathematician Leonardo Da Vinci and was discovered on the Osirian Temple pillars in Egypt dating back more than 5000 years. It is not certain when the FOL was placed on these pillars but the ancient Egyptians and Greeks including Pythagoras (circa 570 – 495 BCE) who trained in Egypt certainly knew about it. 

FREE Crystal Grid Templates Flower of Life


A point of power, the Quartz standing point / tower is used for receiving, amplifying and transmitting the energy of the grid layout. It acts as a broadcast tower for the intention of your grid. 

You can use a Quartz sphere as a keystone instead, if you prefer. Sphere keystones emit energy perfectly equally in all directions. They are also capable of moving energy through time, and can access what is to come or what has been, making them excellent for past healing or manifesting a future intent.

Alternatively, substitute the clear Quartz crystal with any of the surrounding crystals (e.g. a Sodalite standing point/mini tower).


For this crystal grid, we’ll be using 3 different types of crystals that support learning and memory. They include Aquamarine, Sodalite and Gold Tiger’s Eye.


Reduces stress, quiets the mind. Harmonizes the surroundings and protects against pollutants. Supports those who feel overwhelmed, breaking old self-defeating patterns. Clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and clears away confusion. Assists one to discover hidden meanings of reality. Interesting fact, the Flower of Life can be seen in Aquamarine by using X-ray diffraction (XRD). Assists with study, learning and promotes light heartedness. Traditional talisman for protection in waters. Associated with the Throat Chakra.


A Stone of intellect. Unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. Instils a drive for truth, helping you remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. Helps in group work, bringing harmony & solidarity of purpose, stimulating trust and companionship. Excellent stone for the mind, it clears away confusion, encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth & intuitive perception, together with verbalization of feelings. Calms the mind, allowing new information to be received. Enhances understanding of difficult concepts.


Stone of success and enthusiasm. Also luck and good fortune. Combines earth energy with the energy of the sun to create a high vibration that remains grounded. Protective stone. Shows the correct use of power, promotes integrity. Assists in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources & promoting clarity of intention. Aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole. Resolves dilemmas & internal conflicts. Heals personality disorders. Heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism & blocked creativity. Differentiates between wishful thinking about what you want & what you really need. Helps you see your own talents & abilities, as well as faults to overcome. Supports addictive personalities in making a change. Lifts depression & dark moods. Balances the emotional body.

Alternatively, you can swap out Gold Tiger’s Eye for Fluorite.


You can substitute Fluorite for the Gold Tiger’s Eye. Other crystal substitutions for the ones listed include Lapis Lazuli and Kyanite. You can also substitute any of the stones with Clear Quartz Crystal. You can use Clear Quartz Crystal to intersperse any crystal as well, for example instead of 12 Sodalite, use 6 Sodalite and 6 Clear Quartz Crystal.


After cleansing and programming the crystals to your intention, begin setting up the grid. As always, place the keystone in the centre of the grid first, and work your way outwards following the pattern ring by ring. 

We have provided an intention to go with this grid, but you can also write your own personal intention using your own words.

For this learning & memory crystal grid, you will set up in this order:

  1. Clear Quartz keystone in centre
  2. Ring of Aquamarine (6 stones)
  3. Then a ring of Sodalite (12 stones) 
  4. Ring of Gold Tiger’s Eye (6 stones)
Setting Up Crystal Grid Place Keystone First


You can use any type of activating wand to activate this grid. Clear Quartz crystal is always an excellent choice, alternatively a wand of any of the crystals being used in the grid will work well too. 

Recap on how to set up and activate a crystal grid HERE.


Using affirmations that clearly define your study and memory goals will greatly help you to access the specific energies of the stones.

For full instructions, or to recap, read how to maintain & close a crystal grid HERE.

We hope you enjoyed our How To! May you soar through your studies and develop an excellent memory!