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How To Clear Negative Energy in 8 Steps


Learn how to cleanse & clear negative energy! These 8 steps can easily be adjusted to cleansing your sacred space, consecrating an area, or sealing a property boundary. They can also be highly personalised to suit your belief system and needs. In step 8, I give suggestions of crystals to grid a home to keep it protected.

How to clear negative energy as an Empath?

Sue reached out the other day to ask how to clear negative energy from a house. Here is her question, and my response:

Special Edition Clearing Kit to clear negative energy

“I ordered the Clearing & Cleansing kit… the friend that I am staying with has very very negative energy in their house.

I wanted to cleanse the house while I am there. I am an Empath and don’t want to absorb any of it while I am staying with them…

My question to you is, how should I go about cleansing the house with your Kit and do you have any other advise as I know there is an entity present in the house and I don’t want to aggravate it”


I definitely would like you to have black Tourmaline on your person while you clear negative energy, to protect you.

Create a shield with Tourmaline

Visualise that the Tourmaline is extending out a powerful bubble of bright white light. See it grow to incorporate your whole body. It goes down under the ground, up above your head and completely surrounds you. Visualise this light bubble becoming a protective, mirror like shield. Any negative entities or energies cannot pierce it. Anything directed towards you is mirrored back to wherever it came from.

Clear negative energy from the Tourmaline daily

You can use this Tourmaline throughout your stay to keep your energetic shield strong and protective. Just give it a rinse in some running water each evening to clear negative energy that might build up. Visualise any negative energy washing away down the sink.


Call on Archangel Michael to help you clear negative energy

Call on Archangel Michael with his shield and sword to be with you. Ask him:
– to protect you and any others in the house
-to assist you in releasing any and all negative entities
– to help you clear negative energy in the house

You can also call on your Spirit Guides, and any deities or entities you work with. 

Image: Archangel Michael stained glass window – Cathedral in Rožňava, Slovakia


Visualise white light filling your wand to clear negative energy

Pick up the clear Quartz wand and visualise it filling with bright, white light. Hold it in your hand with the smudge stick, point facing outwards (ie away from you).


How to cleanse & clear negative energy from a house

Light the smudge stick and, starting from the front door, walk along the wall, always turning left. Smudge each room, walking next to the walls (or as close as you can get if furniture blocks your path). Continue until every room and passage has been done, and you are back at the front door.


State your intention to clear negative energy

As you start, and as you progress, continue to state your intention to clear negative energy. This is the invocation I use. You can replace “Great Spirit” and “God & Goddess” with whichever specific Deities you prefer:

“By the power of Great Spirit,
I cleanse and clear all harmful and unwanted energy from this space, 
and in its place,

I fill this space 
with the light, love and healing energy

of God & Goddess”

Repeat the invocation while waving the smudge stick up and down, covering each room. As I exit each room, I say “So mote it be”. Use whatever words you like to state with confidence that it is so, it is done.

At every doorway and window, point at the bottom left corner, then draw lines in the air around its shape. Imagine white light forming a shimmering boundary across the doorway/window. I use this invocation, you can say whatever you like:

“By the power of Goddess & God, Only light, loving and healing energy

May enter herein.

So I say it,  So is it done”

I do the same for all mirrors in the house. Using the above invocation, I change “May enter herein” to “May reflect herefrom”.

Once you have done the whole house, put the smudge stick out in a small bowl or plate.


Dedicate crystals to clear negative energy

Take the Smoky Quartz in hand, and say a little dedication. Ask the stone to cleanse and clear all negative and unwanted energy from the house. Take the clear Quartz in hand again, and say a little dedication. Ask the stone to bring in light, loving and healing energy, and to magnify the strength of the Smoky Quartz.

Crystals in the centre of the house after you clear negative energy.

Put the crystals as near to the centre of the house as you can, but more importantly they should be in a spot where they can be seen and acknowledged often. 

Imagine again a bubble of light expanding from the Smoky Quartz, growing to encompass the whole house.  

Ask Archangel Michael to send Guardians to stand watch at each corner of the house.  

It might be nice to place other crystals with these two as a central place of good energy radiating out. If you do this, hold them in your hand and say a little dedication before placing them in the spot. Ask the stones to bring calm, balance, light and positivity to this space.

Great gridding stones for the home include:
– Selenite for white light and angelic connection,
– Rose Quartz for loving energy,
– Kyanite for communication flow,
– Hematite for grounding,
– Amethyst for balance and psychic protection,
– Tourmaline for general all round protection,
– Shungite for warding off the negative effects of wifi/electronics etc.


Now, if you’d like, you can light the palo santo. Smudge the people who live in the house (if they’re open to it), to help them shake off any negative energy residue. Smudge yourself too! Breathe in its beautiful scent and let it fill you with light. 

Say a thank you to all Angels, Spirit Guides and deities or entities you called in. You can use this invocation, or your own words:

“Guardians, Guides & Great Spirit,

I thank you for your presence here today.

Go if you must,

stay if you will,

May there always be peace between us.”


Palo Santo smudging can clear negative energy

I would use the Palo Santo the following day to go around the house and do a light cleansing and bringing in of light energy refresher – just to make sure it’s all clear and to positively reinforce the new energy of the house. 

Adding A Crystal Grid:
You can also choose to install a crystal grid in the house. This involves putting a crystal in each corner of each room in the house. Visualise a web of white light connecting the stones to each other and to the central crystals. Clear Quartz crystals or Rose Quartz rough pieces (or a combination) work well for this.