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Healing Properties Of Crystals: Kolwezite


What Is Kolwezite?

Originally named for its type locality at the Musinoi mine in Kolwezi, Katanga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kolwezite is a rare mineral that occurs in some oxidized copper-cobalt hydrothermal ore deposits.

Kolwezite specimens contain mineral combinations of Dolomite, Zinc, Cobalt, Nickel and Copper, commonly associated with Drusy Quartz, Azurite, Shattuckite, Chrysocolla or Malachite, in various combinations. The huge amount of varying combinations means that Kolwezite specimens are found in a wide range of colours, but generally have a similar formation of drusy coating on matrix.


Other namesCopper Cobalt Carbonate Hydroxide, Koluezite
Crystal SystemTriclinic
Astrological SignAll, Aquarius
Physical Healing KeywordsStamina, Immune System, Increase Strength, Brings Body Into Balance
Emotional & Spiritual KeywordsBalance, Cleanse Chakras, Spiritual Connection, Boosts Other Stones, Complex Healing & Spiritual Work


Kolwezite Healing Properties

Kolwezite’s endless and complex combinations grant this special stone many healing properties.

It is excellent for use in healing complex issues. When a problem is so complex it is like looking at a ball of string in a huge mass of knots, Kolwezite is the crystal to bring in to assist in finding where to start and to tackle problems on many layers and from different aspects.

Physical illnesses with many symptoms that don’t fit one diagnosis, complex emotional issues, a string of seemingly bad luck, all of these types of issues can benefit from Kolwezite’s unique energy.

Complex rituals or energetic workings can be supported and super charged by this stone’s energy.

Kolwezite works on opening and clearing all chakras, bringing the body (etheric and physical) back into its natural state of perfect balance. We are dealing with more than we have ever dealt with before, and Kolwezite has come to the fore now to assist us in all ways.

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