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Gift Ideas Under R200


Here are our hand picked gift ideas for small, thoughtful presents that won’t break the bank! Give a gift of spiritual growth, upliftment and good vibes. Gift ideas under R200? We’ve got you covered.

And we’ll even gift wrap it for you! We offer FREE gift wrapping with every order. In addition, if you want to have the gift delivered directly to your loved one, we can include a gift tag or postcard for you with your personal message.

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  • Gift wrapping! Including a beautiful woven jute or satin ribbon, over our eco friendly and eco-chic Kraft natural wrapping paper. And a real sprig of lavender, rose or similar fragrant botanical.
  • Blank gift tag for you to fill in. Or, we can add who it is to and from, for you.
  • Optional: “A gift for you” postcard with your personal message inscribed on the back.
  • PLUS: A free extra surprise gift, usually a special crystal chosen with intent for the receiver.

Let us help you take the guess work out of getting the perfect gift for your loved one. Here are some awesome gift ideas under R200, with some of our highest rated products for you.


Choose a crystal kit for a loved one, with several crystals in a beautiful natural jute drawstring bag. These kits are wonderful little gifts that keep giving. And even if your loved one has one or more of the crystals in the kit, they will still love having these as a combined set that work together.

Here are some of our most popular kits:


Gift your loved one a beautifully fragrant incense, make it special by choosing something from our premium ranges.

Our premium ranges feature incense that is hand rolled the traditional way with real masala (herbs, flowers and spices). In addition, they are free of harmful chemicals and artificial perfumes. This incense is wonderful to burn during meditation or to energize a sacred space or home.

We also have lovely incense sets, like our 7 Archangels or 7 Chakras incense sets. You can combine it with an incense holder to make it a bigger gift.

Here are some of our most popular incenses and incense holders:

Incense Sets and Gift Packs

Incense Holders

Smudging Sets

Another wonderful gift is a smudging set.

Smudging can clear away negative energy, refreshing a home or office.

It can also be used before meditation or ceremony.

Or even whenever a person is feeling heavy or sad.

You can read more about SMUDGING HERE.

Our smudge sticks include a helpful pamphlet on how to use the smudge. Additionally, we offer a beautiful, full colour FREE downloadable “smudging prayers” PDF that can be emailed or printed to accompany your gift.

Combine a smudge stick with a bowl or shell to hold the smudge. Or, add in a bespoke, traditional smudging feather fan.

holiday season gifts smudge


Next on our list of gift ideas under R200 has to be our beautiful wide range of crystal healing jewellery.

Our crystal healing jewellery range includes crystal healing necklaces and crystal healing bracelets. Both the necklaces and bracelets come with their key healing properties listed, perfect for a gift! And they are super affordable, while still being excellent quality. A real winner! You can even combine a bracelet with a matching necklace.

Here are our highest rated crystal healing necklaces and bracelets in our range:

Crystal Healing Bracelets

Crystal Healing Necklaces


This gift is over the R200 mark, coming in at R250 – but it makes such an awesome gift I just had to include it.

Provide us with the receiver’s full name.

Then, I will draw a card for them, and intuitively pick a crystal to accompany the reading.

Your loved one will receive a beautifully illustrated one page reading along with the accompanying crystal.

Card pull and intuitive pick example of one page reading
Example of one page reading


Every-one could use a piece of Shungite, and you probably couldn’t ever have too many! Shungite is one of the most fascinating minerals around, and it’s extremely rare. Elite noble Shungite is only found in Karelia, Russia. Which is where we import ours from – the real deal. We’re super proud to stock genuine Shungite here in South Africa.

Shungite has a rich history – the last Tsar of Russia famously build the first ever spa out of it, and made his army all carry some on them. There is a town in Russia which solely uses Shungite to filter their drinking water supply. There is even research being done on its application in nanotechnology! You can read all about this in our article series on the stone.

It makes a great talking point as a gift!

Here are some of our highest rated Shungite products:


Yes, this gift is still under R200!!

This is perfect for some-one who is just starting out in the world of crystals and would love a little reference book to turn to.

The Magic of Crystals & Gemstones is an excellent beginner’s book, or a handy portable reference book to keep in a bag.

Add a personalized tarot bookmark and you’ve got a very special present!

Our tarot bookmarks have the option of a crystal bead or plain, and you can ask us to inscribe a little note on the back. It makes a lovely keepsake that will remind the gift receiver of you whenever they use it.

  • The Star is a nice all-round good vibes card that can cheer someone up or make them feel special.
  • The Hierophant is great for someone who is studying, or doing a course, or it makes a perfect accompaniment to a book gift.
  • The Magician is great for someone starting a new project or job, or who is feeling stuck and needs inspiration to change their course.
  • The World is perfect for graduation or the ending of a project, or any kind of congratulations message.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is lovely as gifting a bit of luck, especially for someone who has not had much of late.
  • The Lovers can be a sweet way to let the person you admire know you’re interested! Or for a new relationship.
  • The High Priestess works well for someone who isn’t sure of what they should be doing, or to encourage someone to take time for themselves to spiritually recharge.
  • Justice is good for someone who has been through a bad situation or feels hard done by, it can be a good apology, or suitable for someone after a breakup or wrongdoing to give them peace.


If you’re still feeling unsure of what gift to get your friend, work colleague or family member, then there is always a gift voucher.

Take away the guesswork and let them choose something for themselves that they love!

We offer both a digital and printed version, so you can either email it to them or have something physical to give. Our vouchers start at R150.


We hope that our list of awesome gift ideas under R200 has helped you find the perfect gift!