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Elite Noble Shungite VS Classic Shungite


Learn about Shungite classifications – How is Shungite graded? What is the difference between Elite Noble Shungite VS Classic Shungite? What is fake Shungite? Which Shungite is best?

This is Article 2 in our series on Shungite – please have a look at Article 1 SHUNGITE HEALING PROPERTIES for further info 🙂

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes


Let’s first look at the official scientific classifications of Shungite and its grades.

The term “Shungite” was originally used in 1879 to describe a mineraloid with more than 98% carbon. This term was later expanded to include Shungite-bearing rocks. Shungite-bearing rocks are classified or graded based on their carbon content.  

The official scientific classifications are:

  1. 98-100% carbon = Shungite-1
  2. 35-80% carbon = Shungite-2
  3. 20-35% carbon = Shungite-3
  4. 10-20% carbon = Shungite-4
  5. Less than 10% = Shungite-5

Shungite is also graded based on how bright or lustrous, or metallic looking the material is, vs being dull or matt.

Brightness classifications:

  • Bright / Lustrous
  • Semi-Bright / Semi-Lustrous
  • Semi-Dull / Semi-Matt
  • Dull / Matt


Generally, Shungite is simply divided and sold in two groups:
1. Elite or Noble Shungite (consisting of mostly Shungite-1 and Shungite-2, semi-bright to bright material), and
2. Classic Shungite (consisting of mostly Shungite-3 to Shungite-5, semi-dull to dull material).

Let’s take a look at those two groups.


  • Elite Noble Shungite is defined as Shungite with a very high purity consisting of 70 – 98% carbon. 
  • In scientific terms it generally consists of Shungite-1 to Shungite-2, semi-bright to bright material. 
  • It can be visibly identified by the fact that it looks almost silver-black, much more lustrous than Classic Shungite. 
  • Elite Noble Shungite is much rarer than Classic Shungite, with so far a very limited amount having been found and mined.
  • Due to its rarity, genuine Elite Noble Shungite is fairly expensive. Especially for big pieces.
Elite shungite natural rough 20-30mm 3


  • Classic Shungite contains lower percentages of carbon. 
  • It can be visibly identified as lustrous black (if polished) or a more dull black if unpolished. 
  • The lowest percentages of Classic Shungite can leave carbon marks on your hands when handled for the first few times (this does not apply if the Classic Shungite has been polished). 
  • Classic Shungite is more readily available than Elite Noble Shungite.
  • Not as rare, Classic Shungite is generally more affordable than Elite Noble Shungite.
classic shungite is dull and almost black


Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of Shungite, and its general rarity and cost, some people have been selling FAKE SHUNGITE. It’s often Galena or Hematite. Sometimes shops sell these fakes not knowing that they aren’t real. Here are a few ways to tell if your Shungite is real or fake:

  • Real Shungite is NOT completely and perfectly black or silver all over like Hematite is. Real Shungite has impurities in the stone (Pyrite and Quartzite) which you should see as flecks or thin lines. The higher the quality, the less of these impurities you’ll see, but there will be some.
  • Elite Noble Shungite is much lighter in comparison to the heavy lead-based Galena, and also lighter than Hematite (but not as noticably). Galena usually has plate like layers on its external surface while Shungite can display radiating fracture lines almost like glass.
  • Real Shungite can conduct electricitity (if you feel like a serious test!). In comparison, Galena is only a semi-conductor, and Hematite is an insulator, not a conductor.
  • Check with the shop or supplier where exactly they sourced their Shungite from, and if their supplier is able to provide certification.

Read more about how to identify real Shungite from fake Shungite on Hibiscus Moon’s post HERE. Our Shungite comes directly from Karelia, Russia and is certified genuine Shungite.

Can we guarantee our Shungite is genuine?

We have chosen our Shungite supplier with the greatest of care to ensure we are receiving the highest quality Shungite. We are confident in saying yes, our Shungite is the genuine Shungite from Karelia in Russia.

  • We import our Shungite directly from a company in Karelia, Russia, who work the stone themselves in-house.
  • From obtaining the Shungite from the nearby mines, they shape, polish and engrave all their products themselves.
  • They are voluntarily certified by the Russian Government.
  • Samples continue to be examined by geologists in the area whom they work with.
  • Analysis at the Institute of Geology of the Karelian Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences confirms that their Elite Shungite is 98% pure unique carbon.


Which is better – Elite Noble Shungite or normal Classic Shungite? It comes down to personal choice, budget and the situation.


From a metaphysical perspective, you might be wondering which is better, Elite Noble Shungite or Classic Shungite?

Elite Noble Shungite will likely contain more fullerenes, compared to Classic Shungite. This is due to its higher pure Carbon content. However, metaphysically we would consider that all Shungite bearing rock would be vibrating at the same frequency.

It can be said that the more pure Elite Shungite would have a stronger frequency/vibration than the surrounding less pure Shungite bearing rock. 


Situations that call for the strongest vibration available would have me reaching for the more expensive and rare Elite Shungite.

I personally would consider Elite Shungite for on-the-body healing and targeted healing grids, etc.

For common gridding (such as gridding your property and home) and water purification, I would think Classic Shungite would be fine. You can always combine Shungite with an amplifier like clear Quartz crystal to boost its effect. 


For example, consider EMF radiation protection. For some people it’s a really large concern. While for others, not as much.

If I were really heavily affected by *EMF radiation:
I would want the best protection available. As a result, I would use Elite Shungite for all my electrical appliances and gadgets. I might even want to grid my whole home/office with Elite Shungite.

If I wasn’t particularly sensitive or notably affected by EMF radition:
If I wasn’t notably affected by EMF, but I was still concerned about its long term effects. I would probably want my home to be healthy and purified of general electronic “noise” and radiation. I’d most likely choose Classic Shungite for a general grid. For an extra boost in certain areas, I’d add clear Quartz crystals to my Classic Shungite. The same goes for grids and on-the-body healing. I might only invest in one or two special Elite Noble Shungite pieces for wearing or going on my cellphone.


*Note: EMF radiation, and EMF sensitivity or negative effects caused by exposure to EMF have yet to be proven by science. It is illegal to market any products as “EMF shielding”. – Read this Wiki for more info and links to the studies etc, if you’d like to investigate the studies done for yourself. Personally, I am not EMF sensitive. I still take steps to protect myself and my environment from as much electronic noise & radiation as possible. Why? Simply because I don’t like the idea of it on an intuitive level! While they haven’t proved (yet?) that it’s explicitly bad for us, I just can’t see how it could be good for us. That’s my call, and yours is up to you 🙂