Want to know how to create your own sacred space? What it is? Where to put it, and what to put in a sacred space? Read on to find out!

What is a Sacred Space?

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A Sacred Space is a sanctuary for your soul. It’s a place you create so that you can step into to be safe – perfectly yours, dedicated to your Higher Self.

In your Sacred Space, you can simply relax and recharge yourself – enjoying some “me-time”. You can also use your space to do energy work. For example:

Where Should I Set Up My Sacred Space?

Your Sacred Space can be anything and anywhere at all – the point is to reflect YOU, your Higher Self – that part of yourself connected to the Divine in totality.

It should be a space that is free of interruptions and distractions. A space that is tranquil, peaceful, beautiful and safe.

When creating a sacred space, some people choose a whole room, others simply allocate a small corner of a room. Yet others choose an outdoors space, or even a “portable space” (their sacred items placed in a box that can travel with them and be set up anywhere). Some people choose to create a mental Sacred Space by building their perfect space in their mind using visualisation, and returning there whenever they need to, via meditation.

When choosing your Sacred Space, try to avoid being too close to any electrical appliances (TV, radio, computer etc). They emit harmful energy called “electromagnetic smog” that will be counter-productive.

You want a place that you will be least likely to be interrupted or distracted by things like:

  • Family members or friends,
  • Pets,
  • Noise from the TV or radio,
  • Ringing phones,
  • Doorbells,
  • Loud road noises

How Do I Prepare My Sacred Space?


Once you have chosen your space, you should ideally start with cleansing it. That means clearing all unwanted and stagnant residual energy. It’s a good idea to repeat this ritual every time you use your space.


Smudging is an easy and effective way to do this. Simply light a smudge or incense stick, and wave it throughout the space.

Hold in your mind the intention to cleanse the space of unwanted energy.

Make sure all available doors and windows are open whilst you do this.

Visualize the space filling with beautiful, pure white light during this process.

To learn more about smudging, you can read our article: HOW TO SMUDGE, WHY & WHEN.

You could also use a small bowl of salt water which you charge. Visualize pure white light filling the water, state your intention clearly while holding the bowl. Then sprinkle the water around the space.

Make a habit of cleansing yourself too before you enter the space! Visualize a waterfall of pure white light cascading down over you, and state an intention such as:

“I release all harmful and unwanted energy back into the Universe, to be transformed for better use elsewhere”.

Picture bits of dark / black energy or smudges of dirt washing off you and funneling down a drain below your feet.

You are welcome to download our FREE smudging prayers PDF that provides wording for smudging a space and smudging a person. Use as is or use as inspiration for crafting your own personal wording. Here is some more inspiration:


Now that you’ve cleansed, the next step in creating your own sacred space is to protect it.

You want to seal in the positive, clean energy and keep out unwanted energy. Do this by using crystals around the border, and/or sprinkling a bit of salt around the border of your space.

How many crystals you use is up to you – have one in each corner, or completely surround the border.

Clear Quartz works well for this, which you can choose to combine with tourmaline for added protection and selenite to boost the grid’s energy.

We stock an awesome PROTECTION CRYSTAL KIT you could use for this purpose.


Your altar can be as simple or elaborate as you like. On your altar you can place your chosen items that represent your connection with Great Spirit / God & Goddess / Creator. Or any items that feel sacred and special to you.

You can use a small table with a tablecloth, a flat piece of wood or stone, or any suitable surface for your items.

Some people like to keep a box with small items inside it, so that they can set up a little sacred space altar and take it down again. Creating a portable sacred space works great if you have limited space, or would like to set up a sacred space while out in nature, or travel a lot.

If you like, you can also represent the elements.

Here are suggestions for the Southern Hemisphere… (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you need to swap North and South – North represents Earth and South represents Fire)

  • Use a bowl of earth/salt/crystals in the South for Earth,
  • Feather or incense stick in the East for Air,
  • Candle in the North for Fire and
  • Bowl of water in the West for Water.

Another way to represent the elements would be to use pictures or crystals. We have a lovely ELEMENTALS CRYSTAL KIT for this purpose.

What Should I Put In My Sacred Space?

Begin by selecting whatever tools you like to use for energy work and meditation. The idea is to create a space that reflects your spiritual self. So choose items that mean something to you personally or that resonate with you.

You can choose specific crystals to be part of your sacred space to assist you with:

  • Contacting your guides,
  • Deepening your meditations, or
  • Manifesting a specific goal or purpose.

Try not to over clutter your space so that there is room for energy to move freely.

Include a pen and paper to record any thoughts, ideas, intuitions or messages that come through to you.


A nice idea when creating a sacred space is to choose items that relate to each of your physical senses, in order to assist in zoning in every part of you:

* SIGHT – Crystals, pictures (e.g. totem animal / nature / abstract work / mandala), a plant, candles (great for meditation), statues or ornaments (e.g. faeries / God & Goddess representations / Buddha / angels).

* SCENT – Scented candles, aromatherapy oils in an oil burner, incense sticks. Choose fragrances that are not too heavy and distracting, rather go for a light, gentle scent for general work and meditation. You may wish to have a selection of scents for various occasions / energy work.

* SOUND – You may wish to play some relaxing, meditative music softly in the background. Other ideas are wind chimes, singing bowls, a drum or other rhythmic musical instrument, a water feature for the sound of running water.

* TEXTURE – You can bring in texture through fabrics (a velvet cloth on the table, a cushion, a silk robe you don, removing your shoes and feeling the ground beneath you), a mini tabletop zen garden, prayer beads, a healing wand.

* TASTE – A small bowl of salt which you can take a pinch of as part of your opening cleansing ritual, a herbal tea or crystal elixir to sip, some rich cacao chocolate to boost your mood, small biscuits to munch as a closing grounding ritual.

Enjoy your sacred space!

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