Chakra Healing Meditation: Powerfully Connect, Balance & Recharge Your Energetic Body

This chakra healing meditation is an excellent way to learn to scan your energetic body and to connect to each of your chakras, removing any blockages and re-balancing them.

Begin The Chakra Healing Meditation With Deep Breathing

Lie down, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply as you slowly relax each part of your body, starting with your toes, and working your way up to your face and scalp. Feel the tension release from your whole body. Relax, and let go. Let go and clear all worries and fears, replacing all tension with white light and deep breath. Relax your mind, relax your soul, and visualise yourself surrounded and protected by beautiful, pure white light.

Slowly become aware of your body – your emotional body, your energetic body and physical body. Staying calm, focusing on your breathing, begin to explore your energetic body. Seek to sense and become each of your chakras in succession, starting with the root chakra, moving upwards in succession.

Chakra Healing Meditation

Let Your Intuition Flow As You Connect To Each Chakra

Sense each chakra as a pure realm of being, and sense whichever individual variations exist in each chakra – characteristics, influences and biases. Do this at first without trying to place any qualifications upon your understanding, but simply allow an awareness to develop at a deep level.

Now, visualise your body profile with the chakra colours glowing and spinning. In a state of quietness, open yourself to your chakras and the information you receive. Allow yourself to become aware of psychic information and guidance which will gently bring you to a higher state of awareness of your own psychology, life experience and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. 

Identify Where Chakra Healing Is Needed

Can you see any of your chakras undercharged/not glowing as brightly? Spinning at different speeds to your other chakras? Faster (over-stimulated) or slower (under-stimulated)? Do any of your chakras appear muddy, unclear, or fuzzy? Do you see any smudges/marks or any other evidence of blockages? 

Working from a deep sense of each chakra, allow information to flow into your mind about what core issues you may have relating to the energetic defects you may have detected. Do not struggle to gain this information, merely let it come in pictures, feelings, sounds, or whichever way it flows in.

Recharge Each Chakra

  1. Starting with the root chakra, see the chakra enveloped in bright white healing light, charging and balancing the chakra. See the white light slowly become a beautiful, earthy red of the root chakra as the root chakra is cleared of blockages and rebalanced.

2. When you feel the chakra is completely recharged, move on to the sacral chakra, again starting with white light and then progressing to a scintillating orange.

3. Progress to the solar plexus, starting with white and gradually becoming a sun-filled yellow.

4. Move upwards towards the heart, beginning with white and then becoming a meadow of green.

5. Upwards to the throat, starting with white and transforming slowly to a light sky blue.

6. Flow to the third eye, begin with white and progress gently to a deep, deep clear sea blue.

7. Move ever upwards to the crown chakra, starting with white and moving into a rich, spiritual purple.

Expand To Your Aura and Entire Energetic Body

Finally, see the white light surrounding your whole aura (a space of about 40-50cms away from your body), filling you completely. Feel yourself charged, rebalanced, energized and healed.

To Close The Chakra Healing Meditation

Lie gently in this blissfully whole state. Bring your focus back to solely living each breath as it moves in and out of your body, in rhythm with the breath of all life around you. After a few moments, as you feel ready, begin to slowly bring your awareness back to your physical body, then your surroundings, finally bringing yourself back to complete awareness.


You can add to this meditation by including crystals that work with each chakra in order to aid you in healing. As you prepare to begin your meditation, lay each crystal over the corresponding chakra, or on the ground next to you in order. We have a lovely 10 Chakra Healing Crystal Kit you can use for this purpose.


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