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Blue Full Moon 3 Step Release Ceremony


An awesome Full Moon 3 Step Ceremony for this Sunday’s Blue Full Moon. It’s all about RELEASE baby! Join us! This Blue Full Moon Ceremony will help you prepare before the Full Moon, explain what to do on the Full Moon, and even has an after the Full Moon section. We got you covered!

We have a full moon on Sunday in Aquarius, peaking at 2pm South African time. It’s also a blue moon. This is the name given to the third of four full moons in a season. Our favourite astrologers, Pam Gregory (The Next Step) and Yasmin Boland (Moonology) advise that this is a BIG release moon with a lot of power to create a huge shift in your life if you are ready! We have taken wisdom shared by both of them to create a three phase Blue Full Moon Ceremony you can do at home in your own time. And don’t worry if you missed the date – you can use this Full Moon Ceremony for any full moon.

You can also register to join Yasmin Boland’s live Full Moon Ceremony here:


Pam Gives Us The Lowdown

“Jupiter and Uranus have similarities in that they are both linked to freedom, idealism, and future visions. They both have a sense of moving forwards to something higher and better. Uranus clearly shows us what we have outgrown, especially relating to our values (Taurus) or around where we have been held in routines because of financial issues.

Under the bright light of this Full Moon, we can have sudden clarity (Uranus) of what no longer serves us in life, what is deadening, routine and stale. It feels like a flash of lightning where we can suddenly see things in a new way… Everything will start afresh for these people – Uranus rules radical and sudden action to follow our Higher Mind and bring in a higher frequency future; Uranus was the sky god, who goes beyond the 3D of earthly attachments.

So this Full Moon acts like a pattern interrupt. Both Aquarius and its ruler Uranus bring great clarity, and the surge for freedom becomes greater than the routines of the past. Future visions for your own life and humanity can be crystallized now. Uranus always brings with it a speed and urgency to make changes, as if we don’t, the changes tend to come less comfortably from the outside. Opportunities can come out of the blue….It’s also about changing our habits (Virgo). Over the weekend Mars in Virgo trines Uranus too, and this adds drive and energy to whatever future we are hatching for ourselves. This may well involve community in some way as both Uranus and Aquarius are connected to collaboration of all kinds.”


With the full moon energy pushing us to RELEASE and LET GO, so too does the energy come in to refocus, and head in a new exciting direction that we’ve been wanting quietly to go for some time. Your soul is calling and the universe is aligning!


Ahead of the Full Moon, do some important prep work by grabbing a pen and paper, and meditating over these questions.

Jot down the answers, ideas, images and feelings while doing this.

You might want to do this two or three times in separate sessions, coming back to go over the questions again and adding more notes if new information comes up.

Crystals to boost insight: Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Fluorite


  • Have I stopped consuming alarmist news? How often am I scrolling through news headlines or clicking on/watching/reading links and videos shared by friends and colleagues? (Pam says “That alone will jump your frequency by the way – it’s all old world energy”)
  • Have my values changed? What is really important to me now? What have I been letting go of that I used to value linked to the material world?
  • Has my friend list been subtly shifting? Am I surrounding myself with people who are focused on love, who are visualising and manifesting a better world? Or am I/my friend group stuck on fear, us vs ‘them’ rhetoric, anger, conflict, and other old world energy?
  • Has what I do for a living changed, or have I been thinking about making a change? What does that look like?
  • Have I been receiving visions, ideas or inspiration of an exciting future that may involve collaboration with other like minded people? 

This full moon is bringing clarity, speed and fresh new energy – all of this is going to accelerate these changes. Be open and aware of what is coming forward and appearing for you, and what is falling away, or needs to be released to make space for the new.

“Mars and Mercury are in Virgo and the Sun will join them on the 23rd. As an Earth sign this helps us to manifest the practical details of our vision, and its Mutability will help our flexibility. Importantly, Virgo is a sign linked to being of practical service to others, how can I help people? We are moving into an age where success will not be defined by being a CEO of a large company on a huge salary, but rather by how many people we are serving. So this combination of Uranian, Aquarian and Virgoan energy have a great sense of coming together to achieve a Higher Mind, high frequency vision that involves freedom and kindness to all, and a closer connection and appreciation for nature than in the past.

We have the chance of a big jump in our future this weekend if we stay open to those possibilities.” HOW EXCITING!!


This full moon has cool, detached Aquarius energy to help us shift and let go of that which we have been battling to release.

Below are some questions to meditate on the day before, or on the day of, the full moon.

Allow yourself some uninterrupted quiet time with a pen and paper. Have a big glass of water near you to sip on.

You might want to set the mood! Light some candles, get some of your favourite crystals, burn some incense, play some soft music in the background. Wear something loose and comfortable.

Crystals for releasing past pain & trauma: Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Clear Quartz (“Rock Crystal”)

These questions are tough, and can bring up a lot of emotion. Allow it to flow freely rather than restricting or pushing back down. This is the day you let it go, release, and heal. If you are feeling overwhelmed, sit back and do some gentle breathing exercises. Wiggle your toes, and move that wiggle all the way up your body, ending in a nice, loose neck roll. Feel yourself grounded and surrounded by your guardians. You’ve got this.

Drink lots of water to help the body flush. We store memory in the body. Dancing, walking, rocking, moving can all help to push old negatives up and out of storage to be washed away!


  • Have I been feeling resistance to something in my life? 
  • Where am I not achieving my goals? What emotions come up when I think about these?
  • Am I carrying resentment? Can I feel heat, cold or heaviness in the body at this word? Where is this coming from?
  • Am I carrying guilt? Can I feel heat, cold or tightness in the body at this word? Where is this coming from?
  • Who or what do I need to forgive in the world?
  • Where in my life am I carrying anger or shame towards myself? Where do I feel I failed? Where do I feel ‘not good enough’?
  • How can I detach from my biggest fear and worry?
  • What am I refusing to let go?

Write down on a loose piece of paper what you need to forgive, and what you need to let go.

Ok – congratulations! You’ve made it through the hard part! It’s all sparkles from here!

Once you’ve completed all the questions and you feel the session has closed, stand up and jump, move and wiggle your body, shake out your hands and feet, roll and shake your head! Put on your favourite song and dance! Really get your blood flowing and your lungs open wide. If you can’t do any of these things, close your eyes and imagine it in as much detail as you can manage. 

Make sure you’re sipping on that water!

When you are ready, you can move on to the most important exercise of this full moon. RELEASE. FORGIVE. LET GO.

You may find it hard to imagine forgiving something, but remember: Forgiveness is everything to do with you, and NOTHING to do with them. Carrying resentment and anger hurts YOU not them. Carrying shame and guilt DOES NOT fix past mistakes, only learning from them can move us past it.

This night is your night. You are ready to move up a level and the Universe is pushing!

Crystals for forgiveness & compassion: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Blue Lace Agate, Morganite

When you feel ready, read out the Forgiveness and Release passage below (based on the work of Catherine Ponder and Yasmin Boland).


“In the light and energy of this Full Moon, I am surrounded by my team. My spirit guides, guardians and ancestors are with me, protecting me, guiding me, supporting me. My roots grow down deep into Mother Earth, I am wrapped around her crystal jewels buried deep in her burrows. 

In the light and energy of this Full Moon, I hereby forgive everything. I forgive everyone. Every experience. Every memory. From the past to this present, all that needs forgiveness I forgive. 

In the light and energy of this Full Moon, I hereby forgive myself. Every past mistake. Every experience I regret. From the past to this present, all within me that needs forgiveness I forgive.

The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by Love. Love is realigning my life. I acknowledge the power of Universal Love, I abide in its peace. I welcome in love and healing to my life. I send love to myself and everyone. I send love into the world wide web of healing.

I call on my soul fragments, I call on my sister souls, my brother souls, across dimensions and timelines. Be cleansed with me. Rejoin with me. We are whole. We are Love. I am healed, my life is healed. I am ready for the bright future I am called to.

*By the power of three times three, as I will it, so mote it be.

Now take your forgiveness list and burn it, releasing it finally and forever.

You Are Free.


Yasmin Boland says “The first alignment after this Full Moon is a harmonious one between Venus, the planet of love and abundance, and Saturn, the planet of longevity.”

With this balancing, positive energy, meditate on what you want to bring in now. What new commitments are you ready to make with love and abundance to achieve your vision of the future?

If you like, set some intentions around this in your journal or on a loose piece of paper you can keep somewhere you can revisit it.

By the power of three times three - where does this come from and what does it mean

***Interested in where “three times three” comes from and what it means?