Healing Properties Of Crystals: Kolwezite

What Is Kolwezite? Originally named for its type locality at the Musinoi mine in Kolwezi, Katanga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kolwezite is a rare mineral that occurs in some oxidized copper-cobalt hydrothermal ore deposits. Kolwezite specimens contain mineral combinations of Dolomite, Zinc, Cobalt, Nickel and Copper, commonly associated with Drusy Quartz, Azurite, Shattuckite, […]

Organic, Sustainable Vegetable Garden Methods

In this post I’ll be chatting about the different natural methods I use to grow vegetables organically and sustainably, with very little effort! Preparing the beds Hugelkultur No Dig Gardening Mulching Chop & Drop Crop Rotation Results In August’s progress update I shared the pictures of building the grow cage – an area for growing […]

Starting Our Food Forest

Our goal for our little farmstead is to have a permaculture-based food forest combining fruit and nut trees, vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants and companion plants.


A banana greywater management system is one of the best examples of a closed loop permaculture design. Here’s how it works.

Imphepho – The Controversial Smudging Herb

Table of Contents WHAT IS IMPHEPHO Imphepho is the Zulu name for the Helichrysum species – going by many common names including Everlasting, Sewejaartjies, Kooigoed, African Sage and Licorice Plant.  It’s worth pointing out here that the local name ‘imphepho’ refers broadly to the Helichrysum species, of which there are over 100 different types. A […]


What is smudging? How do you smudge? What is a smudge stick? Where is smudging from? What’s the purpose of smudging? When should I smudge? All these questions answered here!

Home Taking Shape December 2019

Before the first week of December was over, the external walls for the new cabin were up, complete with sisalation, and the Zincalume cladding was going on to the walls and roof. Then came the really exciting part – the big glass sliding doors and windows we’d picked up off Gumtree could go in! It […]

Introducing Crystal Grids

NEW! Crystal Grids Now Available at our Online Shop! We are so excited to share with you our new Crystal Grids section at our online shop on themysticcat.com. New to crystal grids? We’ve also added a new section to our ever-growing Info Hub, that will walk you through everything you need to know to get […]

Progress October 2019

POWERED UP The biggest exciting event of October was the arrival and installation of our 5kw solar system we’d finished paying off over several months. We were very lucky to find a great deal on a pre-order. A local South African company (Solar Advice) were offering a deep discount on the price of the solar […]