Healing Properties of Crystals: Angelite

What is Angelite?

Angelite is the common name or nickname for blue Anhydrite. Anyhydrite is derived from the Greek ‘an’ (without) and ‘hydor’ (water). Anyhydrite is the dehydrated form of Gypsum. 

Other namesProper name: Blue Anhydrite
Crystal SystemOrthohombic
ChakrasThroat, Crown
Astrological SignAquarius
Physical Healing KeywordsOsteoporosis, Sleep, Throat, Water Retention
Emotional & Spiritual KeywordsAcceptance, Compassion, Emotional Pain, Fear, Insecurity, Peace and Peacefulness, Truth

What Does Angelite Do?

Angelite is a powerful spiritual stone. It can allow you to connect to and communicate with the angelic realm, spirit guides and animal totems. It is an excellent aid in astral projection and astral travelling while providing spiritual protection. Angelite enhances telepathy and visualisation. 

Angelite offers support and strength, helping you to develop stamina while gently teaching you acceptance of all that life has brought. It can release a longing for the past. Angelite enhances understanding and assists with clearing distractions from the mind, while also aiding self expression.

Angelite Energy – Personal Comments

Angelite is a relatively ‘new’ stone in the crystal healing world, and it has made itself known at a time when many spiritual healers are hearing the call to assist earth and all its creatures. Angelite is a super connector to the angelic realm (hence the name) as well as all other dimension beings. Holding it in your hands you can almost feel the veil between this dimension and the higher dimensions become thinner as your signal gets boosted by the stone’s energy. While it offers its own protection, I like to combine it with an additional protective stone during energy work so that it can focus solely on conducting the channels of communication.



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