How To Choose A Crystal

In the many years of running my crystals & esoteric shop, the question I encountered every day was “Which crystal should I choose?” whether it was for a specific purpose, or a beginner / someone new to crystals wondering which stone they should choose first. I always gave the same answer, regardless of the specificity.

Choose The Crystal You Are Most Drawn To

I’d encourage my enquiring customer to walk around the shop and have a browse. I’d ask them to take note of what caught their eye, what drew them in. Nine times out of ten, after a good long browse they’d return to the very first crystal they’d picked up.

We’d then discuss the properties of the stone and what it does. And every time without fail, the properties of that stone were perfect for what the person needed.

I could always have just pointed them to whichever stone they were looking for right at the start – but I found this way allowed the person to grow to trust their own intuition. To connect with the crystals and let them share their wisdom.

This is the same advise I’ll give to you, dear reader. The same principal applies when looking to purchase crystals online! The crystal you get drawn to first is almost always the one you should be working with. It might not be the prettiest, or the one you were thinking of, but if you let yourself be guided by the crystal energy, the right stone will come to you.

You don’t need to be an expert on crystals or do a crystal course to start working with crystals (though crystal courses are a wonderful way to learn more). Crystals are here to work with us. They want to fulfil their purpose. And you are born with your own intuition, as well as the ability to connect with them.