Healing Properties of Crystals: Agate

What is Agate?

Agate is composed of multiple, thin layers of Chalcedony in the form of micro-crystalline quartz (microscopic crystals) that create a characteristic banded effect in most formations. It can be found as amygdales and geodes – this means a small gas bubble formed in igneous (most commonly volcanic) rock which then filled with secondary mineral material, often calcite or, as in this case, quartz.

Other namesSpecific to different types
Crystal SystemTriclinic
Astrological SignGemini, Virgo
Physical Healing KeywordsGastritis, Eyes, Stomach, Uterus, Lymph Nodes, Pancreas, Blood Vessels, and Skin Disorders.
Emotional & Spiritual KeywordsMemory Recall, Analytics, Concentration, Creativity, Communication, and Perception.

What Does Agate Do?

Agate is a very stable, grounding stone and can bring emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It is an excellent stabiliser of physical energy while harmonising yin and yang balance within the body. A calming, soothing stone, Agate works slowly but with great strength.

Agate aids in acceptance of self, building your self confidence. It encourages you to speak your truth by being able to see through your own layers to find it. The layers of Agate can bring hidden information to light in yourself, others and situations.

A useful study and work aid, Agate improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities.


Agate Energy – Personal Comments

Agate is a very gentle-feeling stone, almost to the point that you don’t think its “working” – but don’t be fooled! It has an amazing ability to slowly sift through every layer of your being, bringing deep healing and unification of mind, body and spirit.



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