Healing Properties of Crystals: Aegirine

What is Aegerine?

Aegirine is named after the Scandinavian God of the Sea, Aegir. It is a dark green to black crystal.

Other names Acmite
Crystal System Monoclinic
Hardness 5 – 6
Composition Silicate
Chakras All, Higher Heart
Astrological Sign Taurus, Pisces
Physical Healing Keywords Supports liver, spleen, gallbladder, recovery from exposure to toxic substances or energies,supports stamina and recovery from addiction
Emotional & Spiritual Keywords Clearing, protection, energy, confidence

What Does Aegerine Do?

Aegirine, also known as Acmite, is a powerful healing stone for depression, feelings of hopelessness and circular negative thinking. It can assist in prompting a transformation of negative emotions and thought patterns centered around shame, blame, guilt and worthlessness into more positive and helpful directions.

This ability makes Aegirine an extremely powerful tool in treating addiction. By guiding and assisting in the release of destructive tendencies and deeply ingrained habits, Aegirine allows a more positive future reality to emerge.

It can awaken a spiritual understanding of balance, commitment and growth.

Aegirine Energy – Personal Comments

In my personal interactions with Aegirine, I’ve experienced the stone as having an interesting “buzzy” sort of energy – it speaks to me of a high energy charge, with a very Shamanic root. Powerful protector during energy work.



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