The Mystic Cat is owned and run by partners in life, business and adventure, Shaz & Russ.


Many years ago in terms of planting the seeds of manifestation – we’ve both been dreaming about this for years!

At the beginning of 2019, the seed finally took root and we bought our off the grid plot of land in Suurbraak, Western Cape.

This land is the home of The Mystic Cat farmstead.

It is from here that we continue to develop, grow and build our dreams. 


As the global environmental crisis has become more and more dire, so has our desire and need to live a more sustainable lifestyle. A life that has a gentler footprint on the earth and that is more in harmony with nature.

We are creating a space that our souls have called for.

We look forward to sharing our experiences and tools with others, so that they too can begin to answer their own soul calling.



Shaz is madly passionate about growing our own food as well as medicinal plants. She’s been an avid gardener for most of her life, co-creating organic gardens that function as an ecosystem.

Shaz’s spiritual philosophy is nature based. Aside from extensive self study and exploration of many different spiritual modalities, she studied Wicca under two High Priestesses following different theologies for several years and was initiated as a High Priestess herself. She was then given an opportunity to apprentice under an American Shaman and learnt from the Twisted Hair tradition of North American Shamanism. She has led many circles and performed pagan handfastings in both KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town. 

Shaz owned and ran a Crystal & Esoteric shop for over a decade, first online, then with a physical shop in KZN which she later relocated to Cape Town when she moved. She is passionate about teaching people how to work with crystals in their every day lives.


Russell is a yoga and meditation teacher. Having developed his practice for over a decade, he went on to complete a 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved teaching certification from the Source, where he currently facilitates yoga classes and meditation courses.

At the beginning of 2019 he founded Zanta yoga, through which he offers classes and courses for studios, hotels and spas, as well as offering tailored classes for small groups and individual home sessions. 

His meditation classes offer people the opportunity to explore techniques of training the mind to go within and experience calm, stillness, relaxation and peace.

Russell is deeply drawn to sacred geometry, and loves combining sacred geometry with crystals in crystal grids.

He is passionate about the environment, loves spending time outdoors and hiking.

He is called to help people live happier, healthier lives!


We have big dreams for The Mystic Cat. We want to show people that living off the grid is possible, and that even small changes to their own way of living would make a huge difference to the environment. By visiting us and staying on our farmstead, the mystery of this lifestyle and myths/fears can be removed, encouraging people to make changes and to live more naturally. We want to share our experiences, knowledge and skills with others to empower them. We want to create a space that is inspiring and healing.

  • Designing our own low-footprint home that is off the grid

  • Small scale farming

  • Offering courses & experiences

  • Providing access to natural healing and wellness knowledge, modalities and tools

  • Source local resources, share within the community, and uplift wherever the opportunity arises.