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Working With Crystals: 8 Questions


“I received an email the other day from George C. He posed some great questions as a beginner in working with crystals. The info will be useful to those of you who are also at the start of your crystal journey! Thank you for reaching out, George!” – Shaz

If you are new to working with crystals, you might have some questions or concerns about the process. Working with crystals can be incredibly rewarding, and it’s really easy to start! Let’s have a look at the questions posed by George:

  • Is bigger better?
  • Can a crystal be too small to get results?
  • Can a crystal’s energy be too strong?
  • Rough VS polished – is there a difference in energy?
  • If I’m getting results from a crystal & then stop using it, will the results stop?
  • Can you get addicted to crystal energy?
  • Negative side effects?
  • Can crystals open you up to the point where you are spiritually vulnerable?
Questions about working with crystals

Is Bigger Better When Working With Crystals?

I personally think the bigger the crystal, the more energy it can work with or has the potential to affect. To me, it comes down to what you want to use it for.

When working with crystals, I would want a big crystal to place in a big space. A very small crystal if I want to carry it on me. A medium sized crystal to maybe sit next to my bed. A collection of different sizes would work for a meditation room.

So think about how you want to work with the crystal and then get the size/s that make sense practically.

Is bigger better when working with crystals

Can a crystal be too small to get results? 

Again it depends on the context it’s being used in. In general I’d say no. However, logic applies: a small crystal in a big hall would have limited or muted effect. A large crystal in a large hall would be more suitable. Likewise a small crystal would be more suited for being on the body.

Can a crystal’s energy be too strong?

Personally I’ve never found a single crystal or a lot of crystals to be too much, but maybe that’s just me. Some people say too many crystals together can create so much energy that some people not used to crystal energy may feel unsettled or uncomfortable. I have also heard some people say that a particular crystal can be very powerful and best to use in small bouts, or to use in conjunction with a grounding crystal.

I encourage people to trust their own feelings when it comes to working with crystals. Note how you feel when you hold the crystal. If you feel uncomfortable or get a headache, then combine it with a grounding crystal. Hematite, smoky quartz or tourmaline are great for this. Also try working with it for short periods and build up to longer periods. 

Can a crystals energy be too strong

Is there a difference in energy between rough & polished crystals? 

Yes and no. I’ll start with the no – a rose quartz has certain properties, like boosting self love. Whether it is rough or polished into any shape, it will always have these set properties. Yes because the shape of the crystal can affect how it shapes/works with the energy. The properties of the stone will always be the same. But the way it works with energy in the space to achieve those results can differ.

For example, a sphere (ball) emits energy from all directions simultaneously through both space and time. That makes it an excellent shape to use with rose quartz to heal past heartache. The sphere shape can send energy through time and rose quartz boosts self love and heals heartache. A point shapes and directs energy in one direction, great for focused areas of healing. You can learn more about different shapes and their properties here on our Crystal Shapes page.

The shape and finish of a stone doesn’t alter its healing properties. The shape and finish of a stone can add properties to enhance its healing abilities.

If I’m getting results from working with crystals and then stop using them, will the results stop? 

In my opinion, crystals are energetic beings. Their purpose, as I see it, is to assist us in healing, shifting and shaping energy. They want to bring us and the space around them into perfect harmony and alignment, as is their own internal structure. But really it depends on what you’re doing, and you’d be able to discern that yourself.

Some examples of different reasons you’d be working with crystals:
– A piece of tourmaline next to your computer to block electromagnetic smog. Of course if you take the tourmaline away, the effect will stop.
– Rose quartz to heal past heartache. You would no longer need the rose quartz once you have worked through and healed that heartache. You have done the work and the crystal has assisted you in achieving the results you wanted.
– Citrine to attract abundance and wealth. I believe the citrine’s energy assists in shifting our own energy into a state of abundance. How well we hold that state of abundance without citrine? That comes down to how much work we have put into healing and shifting old ideas of lack and discontent.

Will results stop when I stop using a crystal

Can you get addicted to crystal energy / become dependent on it?

Well technically you can get “addicted” to anything. But crystals themselves aren’t addictive, there is nothing physically addictive about them. Working with crystals is not physically addictive. It is all about your state of mind. They are merely a tool for healing. You have to do the work, using the tool, the energy they provide, to shift, shape and heal. They want things to be in alignment, in balance and in harmony, that is their natural state. There are some crystals that actually help shift and release addictive mindsets, like Amethyst. 

Can you get negative side effects from crystals & is it possible to overuse crystals to the point where your energy is dependent on them? 

No, I do not believe so. Crystals want to help us heal, they are all about balance. You may experience negative effects during the healing process, but this is true of any healing modality. It is part and parcel of healing and growth, not due to the crystals themselves.

Are there negative side effects from working with crystals

Can crystals open your awareness so much that you open yourself up to spirits? 

No, not unintentionally. If you wear a labradorite necklace, you are in no danger of slipping into another dimension by accident. Selenite will not suddenly open you up to start channelling a spirit without your intent or permission. Crystals can indeed help you open your third eye and boost your natural intuitive gifts. But they certainly won’t do so automomously. It would require your express effort in that direction and being in divine alignment with your higher purpose.

If you find that you are very sensitive to crystal energy and you battle with keeping grounded:
Carry a grounding crystal that helps you stay focused in the now.
If you are intent on developing your intuitive gifts and are worried that you’ll be too successful:
I would strongly recommend that you first learn as much as you can about spirit work. And take the recommended spiritual precautions before beginning this endeavour.
If you have had unsettling experiences with the spirit realm in the past:
There are crystals who specifically focus on creating spiritual protection around you. These would be great for you to work with.

But no, crystals won’t lead this to happen on their own.

Working with crystals can open up your awareness if you want them to

Do you have any questions like George that you’d like me to share answers to? Let me know!